How You Can Keep Your Joints Healthy

When we talk about joints “30 is the new 60”, according to recent research, 1000 Americans of age 34-68 were asked about their joints related problems and 66 percent of age 34-49 said that they experience joint achiness, stiffness and other issues. Watching this survey we must be aware that anyone can feel joint problems so before you experience it, start taking care of your joints so you can live a better active and vigorous life.


Here are some tips to help you take better care of your joints.

Lose some weight

Your overall body weight affects the muscles and joints, it affects the strain on hips, back and especially knees. This is another reason to lose some weight, and avoid obesity. According to researchers even a little weight loss can be helpful because every pound you lose lessens the 4 pound load from the knees.

Don’t stretch cold muscles

For the sake of good health of your muscles increase your flexibility and stretch more. You should stretch your body daily or at least 4 times each week. One thing must be taken under consideration that you shouldn’t stretch your muscles when they are cold. Therefore warm up first, take 10 minutes to warm up your body.

Light exercise

Research shows pounding exercises like kickboxing, step aerobics and more can be tough on joints. Switch to low-impact activities like biking and swimming that offer the same calorie-burning benefits without the painful pounding.

Know your limits

Exercising can cause some aching and that is nothing abnormal. But in case you are feeling pain for more than 48 hours there can be a serious problem you may have overdone the workout to make your joints hurt. To avoid pains and gain more benefits from exercising never push too hard and exercise within your limits.

Watch your posture

This is one of the most important factors involved in joint issues, people with wrong postures usually have bad joint positions and they experience joint stiffness and pain. Watch how you are sitting or standing. To make your postures better, walk faster, or go swimming.


Go fish

If you observe join pain in your body from rheumatoid arthritis, you should eat more fish. Fish is greatest source of Omega-3 that helps in keeping joints healthy and lower inflammation which is cause of joint pain and tenderness in people with RA.

Keep Your Bones Strong

Calcium and vitamin D are very helpful to keep bones strong and sound. Dairy products are the best known products for calcium, similarly vegetables are also helpful.

Take vitamins

In order to have healthy body you must take all the necessary nutrients especially the vitamins. If you include multivitamins in your daily diet if will cover up the deficiency and make your joints strengthens.

Quit smoking

It has been revealed from researches that people who have smoking habit may have greater risk of fractures than the people who don’t smoke. So this is another reason to QUIT SMOKING today.


Reminder: Mind the load you carry, don’t put too much load on smaller muscles.


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