How Can You Make Your Nails Stronger and Clearer?

Nails are delicate and enhance the beauty of your fingers and hands. Nails are made of keratin that is a kind of protein. So just as with the clarity of skin, and shine of the hair, you should take care of nails by tweaking your diet. You should take vitamins, supplements, and protein rich food like beans, fish and nuts to get stronger and clearer nails because some research suggest that the nutritional supplement biotin might help strengthen weak and brittle fingernails.

Healthy finger nails are smooth without pits or grooves and others are in underlying condition that needs more attention and care.
Always keep your nails dry and clean and before washing dishes or clothes cleaning or using harsh chemicals you should wear rubber gloves because repeated and prolonged water contact can split your finger nails and gloves prevent you from this and from bacteria growing under your finger nails. Removes the gloves and apply a hand lotion on your hands and rub the lotion into your fingernails and cuticles too and apply a nail hardener to strengthen your nails.
Before wedding, all girls spend much attention to the wedding dress, makeup and other accessories but nails are totally ignored and as a result when close-ups of your hands are taken at cake cutting, ring exchange and other precious moments the nails made the pictures less than perfect and no one wants to be lifting a chipped, red, raw finger when it comes to the exchange of rings.

Always keep nails protected with a polish or at the very least nail strengthener and to get the best nails you should plan at least three months before the wedding. If your nails are brittle and you want to make them stronger then soak then in lime or lemon juice daily for a few minutes and you can mend the cracks of your nails by silk wrap.

To give your nails on overnight treatment apply cuticle oil every night before go to bed and apply it during the day after hand wash. Before you do anything it is most important to make sure your nails and skin around them are dirt free. Apply soap to a toothbrush and then gently rub the nails and skin this simple home remedy will remove dirt and exfoliate any dead skin. Trim your nails regularly and give them a perfect shape. To keep your nails happy and infection free it is important to disinfecting your nail tools as important as regularly cleaning makeup brushes.

A nail filer, clipper and polish are essential elements of manicure and to remove existing nail color nail polish remover is also necessary and if your cuticles are dry and brittle hydrate with apricot cuticle oil; clean the prep with base coat apply at least two coats of nail paint.
To choose nail paint you should always keep the nature of the occasion and color of the dress in mind to make your nails and hand beautiful.

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