How We Can Remove Out Gel Manicure Or Nail Polish At Home

About gel nail polish and nail manicure:

Gel manicure and gel nail polish is considered as latest fashion trend for girls. I mean who don’t want to have perfect nails that might last longer. Gel nail polishes are very much more long lasting then other stuff and it can’t be removed with normal nail polish remover.

Some people go on and scratch the gel nail paint out of their nail. This processing might be useful to get rid of gel nail polish from your nails but it can weaken your cuticles and leave surface of nail scratchy as well. we have seen that celebrities have always perfect nails.

Everybody knows that celebrities have much time and money to spent in salons to get tei nail done. But as a normal person, we have to find ways to get rid of gel nail polish to have clean nails or to re apply another shade that matches out with your dress.

Ideas to remove gel nail polish at home:

In our drfafted presentataion we will discuss out three basic ways to remove gel nail polish at your home. This jo cant be performed by ordinary nail polish remover as it is desigened for quite thin ordinary nail polish formula which is different from gel nail polishes. Ordinary nail polish last less longer as compared to gel nail polishes.
Here are three basic ways to remove out gel nail polish at home.

1)    Grab a kit:

Gel nail polish remover kit specially famous for this processing is red carpet manicure`s should be in your possession. This kit consist of all the necessary equipment that can be utilize in removal of gel nail polsh easily. most of spa and salons utilize this same type of kit to remove out gel nail polish and old manicure of customers.

2)    DIY foils

Sometimes these kits have not much solution to do a good job for you. There is another solution to remove out gel nail polish is DIY foil method. In this method you have to take a bottle of acetone, some cotton balls and tin foil from your kitchen.

All you have to do is to dip cotton balls into acetone and place it on your each finger. Wrap finger with tin foil and leave it from 10 to 15 minutes. After some time, you can easily peel out gel nail polish from your nails safely without any damage.

3)    Soaking method:

This method will take some time as compared to other methods. In this method, you have to take two bowls from your kitchen. Place warm water into one bowl and then add acetone to other bowl. Take a bowl of acetone and place it in the bigger bowl of warm water.

Acetone is highly flammable in nature so never directly heat acetone on flame and in oven. Now soak your one hand in mixture of acetone for 10 to 15 minutes. Let the nail polish soak acetone. It will start removing from your nails.

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