Common Sleep Positions Affect Your Health:

Everyone sleeps on their own loved ways. Many people think that the way they are sleeping is making them relax, but most of their sleeping styles do affects their health and they aren’t aware of it that their style is going to have an effect on their health. Some of the common sleeping ways have affects your health. Most of them are as following.

Straight upwards:

Sleeping straight and arms on side makes improvement in your Spine health. It makes your back bone relaxed, as well as your pelvic tilts too. These are the better signs of sleeping straight with arms on sides. But there are few altercate too, while sleeping straight.

It causes lack of breathing, some of the time you got trouble to breath well.

Snoring gets common when you sleep straight. You don’t even know that you snore whole night, but you should excuse to your partner.

Sleep apnea disturbs your sleep badly; it’s a sleeping and snoring disorder that you got 3 times in an hour.


Hands around your neck:

Sleeping session is the most beautiful part of the whole day, which makes you feel relaxed. Specially having your arm around your neck makes you feel more relaxed. This common sleep prevents facial wrinkles and skin breakouts which makes your skin glowing, and makes your thoracic (rib cage) relaxed. But again a problem of snoring takes place. And this type of problems takes place with acid reflux. Whenever you have your arms around your neck it put pressure on nerves in your shoulders, leading to pain. This pain may affect your energy badly.



Face down:

Face down on pillow and belly on bed, makes your stomach digestion system improve. It helps to the digestive system to digest food efficiently. But it’s antecedent for your back. Yes! It causes lower and upper back pain. And the curve of the spine became unsupportable. The main cause is, it puts a number of strains on your neck, and this will be prominent after the age of 45. Face on your pillow affects your deep breathing, which may results in asthma problems.



Curled up:

This is the most nefarious sleeping style. 45% of the people in this world sleep in this kind of style. This will makes your back bone flat as well as your pelvic tilts too, and make your hip bone ease off. It makes your arms relax, no shoulder pain. It’s good for the fetus, if you’re pregnant. But this sleeping style put pressure on you heart walls which may results increasing the chances of angina. Breast sagging became the problem because of your bad style of sleeping.



Arms under pillow:

If you are sleeping style is alike. Then it is going to cause shoulder and arm pain due to restricted blood flow and pressure on the nerves, which may do results in strain on your arm and neck. Sleeping on the right side can worsen gastro esophageal reflux while sleeping on the left side can put wrench on internal organs digestive organs abdominals of your body.




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