How to Deal with Depression Naturally


Depression is something which makes you feel really helpless. It affects millions of people around the world and most of these people take antidepressant medicines. It is suggested to explore nondrug remedies to take your depression off. Natural treatments which are used to release depression frequently include exercise, therapies, dietary supplements, meditation etc.

Few Natural treatments of depression:


Exercise leaves long lasting effects on mind and body and helps those who are confronting depression issues. If you exercise on daily basis, it rewires your brain in positive way. You don’t need to do hard exercises to get benefit of them; even just walking a few minutes can help you in releasing depression.

Exercise helps in relieving depression by changing your mood. Exercising 3 to 5 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes each session helps you in keeping the health of your mind and brain maintained.

Eat healthy:

Watch whatever you eat; it’s a better idea because there is no magical food which releases your depression. But taking a diet which is overall balanced, helps in maintaining your health and keeping you fresh and delighted. Depression tends to make you eat overly while getting a control over your diet help you in controlling depression.

Fish oil:

It is evidenced that omega-3 fatty acids and folic acids (found in spinach and avocado) help in decreasing depression.

Fish oil is enriched in omega-3 fatty acids. It is found in salmon, albacore tuna and herring fish. People living in areas where consumption of fish is high, they are exposed to lower depression rate.

Get enough sleep:

Taking enough peaceful sleep helps in lowering depression. Depression makes it very hard for you to sleep well which makes the situation worse. Some changes in your lifestyle may help you in making a proper sleep routine. get up at the same time every day. It would help you in fixing the same bed time. Keep all the distractions out of your room such as TV, laptop etc.


According to most mental health experts and advisers, therapy is the best natural treatment of depression. In today’s world, it has a negative nuance which in our opinion is completely disfigured. Seeing the therapist can pull you through hard times of your life. Once you get the therapy, you would definitely appreciate those sessions which brought peace to your depressed mind. Don’t be ashamed to see a therapist, it’s hugely helpful and allows for some much-needed relief from your thoughts and emotions.

Light Therapy:

Light therapy is useful for the people who are prone to a type of depression which is known as seasonal affective disorder. In this disorder you mood is badly affected due to limited sun in winter days. The session of light therapy starts with a session of about 15 minutes and increases up to 120 minutes a day. Within a few days, this therapy eases the symptoms of stress.


Meditation is a form of relaxation where you clear your mind by focusing on your breath. Daily meditation aids in releasing stress symptoms, completely. Meditation involves in practices to focus attention on the moment which leave antidepressant effect.

In a study, it has been proved that the symptoms of depression are subsided even after taking antidepressants but meditation therapy completely eliminates them


Yoga includes a series of postures that help in improving your strength and focus and eliminating stress. Yoga also helps in aligning the spine, improving mental clarity, reducing stress, promoting relaxation and emotional wellness and rejuvenating the nervous system.

Herbal supplements:

Most of the natural remedies are a perfect replacement of antidepressants and medical treatment. Some herbal dietaries and supplements have been proved as best antidepressant and work wonderfully. They are most likely to aid you in releasing depression and its effects. Here is a list of some herbal dietaries which are very helpful in relieving depression:

  • John’s wort.
  • SAMe
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Saffron
  • 5-HTP
  • DHEA
  • Chamomile tea
  • Green tea


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