Easy steps to make Piano Stripes Nail Art at home

Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance and embellish the nails and it is type of artwork that can be done on finger nails and toe nails to make them beautiful and glamorous. It is usually done after manicure and pedicure. Decorating the nails with nail art including stickers, patterns and appliqués has become the fashion trend of the day and it is very popular among young girls.

They decorate their nails with different designs and colors. They can enhance the nail paint by adding dots, flowers and stripes in different shade of nail polish with the help of a fine brush or applicator. Some girls are so crazy about music that they show their love by the application of nail paint and nail art in the form of musical instruments. In this article we are talking about the piano stripes nail art.

For making this design you will need some basic things as base coat, white nail paint, black or navy blue nail paint, top coat and a striper brush. First of all, after the manicure, apply a base coat let it dry and paint your nails with white color, set it to dry and then make stripes with black or navy blue paint with the help of striper brush. After drying the nails, finish it off with a top coat.

If you want to add glamour to your piano striped nails then use glittery nail paint in white color as shown in the picture. The nails are decorated with glittery white nail polish and stripes are created with plain black nail pain looking nice and a single nail is painted with black paint and decorated with glittery white nail color to make a musical sign on it.

Decorate your nails with two types of nail paint, glossy and matt to make piano stripes. Apply matt nail polish in white color on whole nails and then make black stripes with glossy black paint. Enjoy the cool and modern looking result that’s just right to pair with your favorite leather outfit. You can garnish your nails with piano stripes in a different way like this. Just divide your nails and first of all apply a base coat above the nails then apply the white nail paint let it dry and then divide your nails in two separate part by making a borderline with black color.

Decorate the bottom part of each nail with floral pattern, sticker and any other design you want, and then make piano stripes on the top part of each nail with the help of a striper brush and you will get beautiful and amazing nail art with little effort and care.
By following these easy steps you can decorate your nails with piano stripes design at home easily and can impress your friends and family so try this.

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