Foods that can help fight acne


It is said that, “we are what we eat.” because what we eat reflects on our face. There are a number of amazing foods we are blessed with that helps in fighting acne breakouts and prevent skin diseases because of high concentration of antioxidants, acne fighting nutrients and anti inflammatory contents. Too much science dose? Let’s make it simple for you to know what food is best to prevent acne and fight against this disaster.

High water-content vegetables like cucumber


Vegetables that are more water contented are said to be help for acne problems. Cucumber has the bonus of cooling and effect the inflammation associated with acne.



Carrots are rich in zinc and vitamin A and a great weapon against pimples and acne. Carrots can cure acne in short time as a week, moreover its sweet so no need to go for problem making sweets.



Yogurt helps to fight bad bacteria which lead to acne in your skin, so add two serving of yogurt a day, try yummy yogurt smoothies with fruits like blue berry, banana or strawberry.

Dark chocolate


Rather than high sugar indulge candies and chocolates go for dark chocolates that can boost anti oxidants for a flawless skin.



“Drink 8 glass of water a day.” You have heard about it, may have advised several people, but do you follow this true advice? Water helps to flush out toxins from your body to prevent acne.



almost all the green veggies fight against acne, spinach is one of these amazing vegetables.
Spinach has lots of Vitamin A that is a natural warrior that fight against acne and skin diseases.

Salmon image025

eating vegetables is good for skin but there are other food that also helps in prevention of acne and skin problems, salmon is one of those foods, it contain Omega 3, that is good for skin, heart and lift up your mood.



Spirulina is one of the greatest source of chlorophyll on the planet, it fight acne and it is also a mind food. Only one tea spoon per day and in a week you will see the difference.



turmeric is a root sold as spice; it’s just great for your skin.

Rooibos tea


This tea came from south Africa and It work amazingly against acne, wrinkles, inflammation and other skin issues i.e., rashes.


Avocado is full of vitamins and helps in fight against acne.

Brazil nuts


an amazing fact about Brazil nuts is that, one Brazil nut gives full day’s supply of selenium, which is need of our skin.



Apples are well known to keep the doctor away, Apples contain pectin that can absorb toxins, just eat apples without peeling them off.



Oats and whole grains are full of zinc; the qualities of zinc are trusted to reduce inflammation and to kill bacteria that lead to acne.

Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are the oldest vegetables and one of the most nutritious vegetables that help acne.



Blue berry is the sweet healthy remedy for skin problems especially acne.

Bonus tip: White foods are not the right foods.
White flour, White bread, white rice, mashed potatoes and refined sugar can be worst for people who have skin problems like acne and pimples.

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