Hair Loss on Eyebrows


There is a medical condition known as “superciliary madarosis” which causes hair loss on eyebrows, partially or fully. The loss could be temporary or permanent. Beside this reason there may be other causes of falling eyebrow hair. Here, people who are born with few eyebrows or without eyebrows are not being brought under discussion. Rather we are going to discuss the causes and remedies of falling eyebrow air.

Causes of hair loss on eyebrows:

Here’s a list and depiction of the best-known conditions that might bring about lost eyebrows:



Ladies get their hair plucked for giving them beautiful shape and neatness. But, over-plucking of eyebrows leads to the loss of hair. If you want to shape your eyebrows, you should keep in mind that excessive plucking leads to the permanent loss. This is the most common cause of hair loss on eyebrows.

Excessive eyebrow makeup:

Extra use of eyebrow pencil and constant eyebrow rubbing while using a brown pencil affect your eyebrow hair, severely.

Poor diet:

Poor diet is also a reason of losing eyebrow hair. You eyebrow hair are like other hair of the body and your food leave some impact on them. Lack of minerals, vitamins and proteins in your diet may cause eyebrow hair fall.

Excessive ingestion of vitamins can also cause losing hair on eyebrows and other skin problems. Intake balanced diet.

Medical Conditions:

Some medical conditions also exist which cause eyebrow hair fall disorder. Most common of those medical conditions are Atopic dermatitis, Hypothyroidism, Alopecia Areata, Hensen’s disease. If you are suffering from any of these, get doctor’s advice.


Aging may also be a reason of falling of eyebrow hair. Use good cosmetics and take proper care of your health and skin. Add more nutrients in your food.

Hormonal problem:

Hormonal issue in body also may lead to thinning eye brow hair. In this case, consult a good health physician and take proper medicines.

Side effects of medicines:

Everyone knows somebody who has an irregular response to some medicines. Just like other hair, medicines can affect eyebrow hair also. Therefore, if you are taking some medicines and feeling like you are losing hair eyebrow hair, consult your physician and let them know the side effect.

Measures and remedies:

Here are a few remedies given below you can follow if you are confronting this problem of losing eyebrow hair:

Get enough nutrients:

Take food with more proteins, minerals and vitamins. Lack of these elements in body may cause many skin problems.

Avoid stress:

Stress takes you to countless physical and mental diseases. Losing hair of head, eyebrows or eye lashes can also be caused due to stress. Avoid taking stress and stay calm in order to get flawless skin.

Consult dermatologist:

Consulting a dermatologist may also prove helpful as now dermatologists have been reported to treat this disorder. Discuss your problem with a certified dermatologist.

Other tips:

Stop making excess use of medicines

Drink lots of water

Get them plucked with the pauses of 3-4 weeks

Use eyebrow growth products


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