Heal Your Feet After Wearing High Heel Stilettos

Sky high heels are always in fashion and young girls are crazy about wearing heels. High heels no doubt look stylish but they are bad for your feet and can cause all sorts of foot problems. After wearing high heels over time, a girl can have major foot pain or discomfort and the day-after foot pain from wearing high heel is called the high heel hangover.

It may be mild and achy to intense and severe and it is possible to have foot swelling, cuts and scrapes. The symptoms vary depending on foot structure, height of shoes and time spent in the shoe.

Problems range from common concerns like bunions, corns and calluses to more complex issues like misshapen, hammertoes or that excruciating pain in the ball of the foot that seems to grow worse with each passing year.

If you are suffering from a high heel hangover, below are things you can do to recover and get rids of pains.
Epsom salt soak have long been used to soothe your sore feet because it is not a simple salt but rather a natural mineral of magnesium and sulfate and can be absorbed through the skin.

Warm water allows for the dilation of the body blood vessels opens the skin pores. Fill the tub with warm water and sprinkle some Epsom salt in it and soak your feet for about 20 minutes. This mineral bath provides direct benefit to your feet when they need to recover.

It is most important to keep your feet supple and moisturized as rough areas develop on pressure points and can be painful. After a few hours of wearing high heels and cramped shoes dry patches of skin may occur.

Moisturizers dedicated to the feet are often best and urea based creams are most commonly known for moisturizing.  Moisturizing creams should be applied after a foot bath for maximum penetration.

High heels put your calf muscles in abnormally shortened position which can tightness and pain. Calf muscle becomes tight or shortened from high heels, so it is important to actively perform stretches.

Yoga is an excellent method to stay stretched and specific postures that benefit the feet include Downward-facing Dog and the Virasana-Hero Pose.

After a particularly big heel binge, it is good idea to give your feet a chance to relax. Walking around bare foot is ideal but also impractical, so a flat soled trainer is the next best thing.

While recovering on the couch, place a few pillows or cushions underneath your feet. It helps your venous system return blood from your lower body back to your heart and brings down some swelling.

Having a pedicure can be a welcome relief if you can spare the time and money and you can also pamper your feet yourself. If you notice clumps of hard skin on your feet, it may be wise to visit the podiatrist. They can make walking in heels even more painful and lead to foot problems later in life.

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