Healthy Diet For kids To Gain Their Weight

Kids are the dearest to their parents  and they want to do anything for their kids specially mothers are very conscious about the diet of their kids  because in the childhood they don’t  pay attention  toward  their  foods and   due to this  their growth stops and weight   start to lose .the chubby and the healthy kids liked  by everyone because they look cute and   innocent whenever the  thin and smart kids are very  moody they  remain sick all time  and their parents remain disturb due to their child’s illness.

The mothers should give their child everything means don’t forbid him to eat anything .the proper quantity of everything will be provide to your  child like vitamin, protein,  calories ,nutrition ,calcium ,iron all the things are  compulsory for the development of your child with  proper weight .make the chart of your kid diet and  then give him /her special diet and make him  healthy with the healthy and active food . Junk food  is  poison for your child because it  has many side effects. Here I have  some ideas for your kids that are must included in their diet.


Vegetables are very important food for the kids rather for everyone because in the green vegetables the iron and the protein is added and the   carrot ,cucumber are good for the health you should  make the habitual of your child to eat the salad because it increase their immunity and they are  able to fight against the fatal diseases .


Exercise is must for every person because it keep you fresh and alive  for the whole day and in the morning first go on a walk and there do some push up exercise because  due to it your muscles remain active  and your blood circulation is in  good way  make your child punctual  to take exercise in the morning and  night walk because night walk help to   digest the food and brush your teeth  before going to bed  and exercise do more help us in gaining weight.

Check the behavior:

If your kids is not  joining you on your dining table and the hunger is nothing   in your child then consult with a good physician  and do a good treatment  because some time due to the stomach problem they eat nothing and  sometime  more than your kid stomach can cause the  vomiting and the other  diseases  and  the underweight child feel hunger after one or two hour then give them  anything to eat  because they are in growing age  and they feel hunger  at many times.

Fruits and juices:

In the morning give them fruits and the fresh juices because  juices are good for health and  it will keep them active for whole day the orange juice is best for the vitamin C  and the strawberry milkshake is good for weight increasing but your child are under the weight gaining then  must give them  one glass banana milkshake in the morning before school going. One apple with the milk keeps you away from the diseases it is the advice of the doctors.

Junk food:

The trend of readymade and the junk food is  increased  among the people they  like the junk food than the  other food because  they  think that is delicious but   at the place of junk food you can ready such food at home like French fries, burger at home with the  kebab and the cutlass and the sandwiches  biscuits  at the place of ice cream you can give them custard  ,rasmalai ,pudding and the many other desert can make at home which are full of  nutrients and give your child good weight.

Milk with dry fruit:

Make your  child habitual of the  breakfast in the morning because breakfast make you healthy  and  help you to weight gaining  so in the morning give your child one glass hot milk with  seven almond because  it enhance their memory  and  make them strong  and if they don’t like to drink milk then add any flavor in it like strawberry ,chocolate and  which they like  and you can make the smoothies with milk  and the milk shakers make your child healthy and active  in the winter give them  walnut ,pistachio  and  raisins ,peanuts and the  cashew nuts .boiled eggs are also good for the winter season because  it give you protein  and the  nutrients.

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