How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

a humiliating state of one’s oral health, Halitosis/ozostomia/stomatodysodia, commonly known as bad breath is affecting above 30% people of the world, it is the existence of bad odor that comes from cavity, According to The Academy of General Dentistry, in 90% cases the odor stems in the tonsils, mouth and throat. Though it’s something every one of us experiences at times but if it does not get better after brushing, using mouthwashes, flossing then it can be chronic.


There are several ways to get rid of bad breath, simple self care routine may help to minimize halitosis. Try these remedies to abandon bad breath.

1. Make clean habit of brushing your teeth


the main causes of bad breath are either food particles in our mouth or the bacteria. Use a quality tooth paste and soft bristled toothbrush for your teeth to clean your mouth from bacteria. Make this a habit to clean your teeth every time you eat or drink. Give at least 3 minutes to brushing.

2. Use mouth wash

using mouth wash helps a lot in curing bad breath and it keep your mouth moist. Pick a mouthwash that contains Chlorine dioxide and use it before brushing and flossing for removing all the bacteria from your mouth.


3. Everyday flossing

Make habit of flossing you teeth twice a day for prevention of bad breath, it removes food and plaque hiding in corners of your teeth.


4. Clean your tongue

brushing your teeth is not really enough when you have bad breath or not, since its your tongue that is covered with more bacteria than the rest of your mouth. If you clean your tongue it can be very helpful in curing bad breath.

There are brushes available for cleaning tongue but you can use your regular soft bristle brush as well.


5. Keep your mouth moist


Increase your salivary flow; try to prevent your mouth from drying with water, chewing gum or sugar free mint. Try avoiding medicines that make your mouth dry, i.e., antidepressants, painkillers unless these are strictly prescribed.

6. Eat fibrous food (fruits and vegetables)


eating fruits and vegetables that are enriched with fiber also help in removing bacteria. Eating an apple a day can be amazingly helpful to get rid of Halitosis.

7. Take nutrient supplements (Vitamin C D E B)


taking nutrient supplements, vitamin B, vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin D helps your body to remove extra toxin, bad bacteria and mucus, naturally.

8. Green & black teas


When you’re having the problem of bad odor breath try to avoid coffee an caffeine and take green or black. These teas contain Polyphenols which help to remove sulfur compounds and decrease oral bacteria.

9. Say NO to alcohol

the chemical compounds in alcohol make favorable environment for bacteria to live. So stop drinking alcoholic drinks in order to have better breath.

10. Reason to quit smoking tobacco


It is well known fact that people who have smoking habit might have bad breath as well. Well this is another reason for you quit smoking today. In some cases bad breath due to smoking habit can be a early symptom of mouth cancer. Quit smoking and consult your doctor if you’re a smoker and having bad breath.

Halitosis is not a deadly disease, still it is important to consult a doctor if bad breath prolong even after you do all the remedies you could.

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