How to Get rid of Itchy Lips and Eyelids in Winter:

Lips are the queen of face. No one wants any kind of damage upon. Healthy lip in winter is quite impossible. As most of the times lips got to face trouble in “winters”. Chilly days of winter make the thin layer of skin effect with dryness and itchiness. As eyelids also have the same problem of dryness. Most commonly, people got wrinkles around the eyelids.

Itchy lip is a common disease, as for its prevention it should be oiled or chapped properly on daily bases.

  Few tips to cure itchy lips:

Don’t lick your lip it makes your lip more drier. So to moisturize your lips use some kind of an ailment.

Whole grain and nuts as well as vegetable carry “Vitamin B” which fulfills the need of moisture in a human body.

Less use of liquid (especially water) makes body dehydrated. As due to which the problem of wrinkle and problem of skin, eyelid eczema, hard, crake and itchy lips kind of problems do occur.


Honey and sugar scrub should be used to demolish such disease.

Apply baking soda to heel itching and rashes.

Use Aloe Vera gel to soothes and cool down the burning sensation.

Chapped your lips over night with routine.


Few tips to cure eyelids in winter:

To lessen down the problem of eyelid home remedies are favorable alike, have eye yoga. Eye yoga is used to cure swelling sensation and to relax eye muscles. Close your eyes and move them with your close lid   5- times top to bottom and from left to right. Then everything away from lower left to upper right and from bottom right to top left. And also have some break during exercise.

Use rose Patel drops having a quantity of rose oil which donates an extra dose of smoothness.

To bow down the dryness of eye just Drink! Drink! And Drink! About 2 liters of water per day

For eye relaxation, rub your hand till your hand goes warm up, then put your warmed hands on your eyes. That warm fingers will makes your eyes relaxed well.

Apply crushed mint at the inferior and superior eyelid to remove dark circles.


Green and black tea pouches do reduce to volume of itching and burning of inferior eyelid.

Avoid rubbing your eyes the ever best remedy of a dry eye.

Also cold milk and rose water is being use to prevent dryness.

Some of the things should be used to prevent burning sensation, eye cracks, dark circles, eyelid eczema by having milk, meat, vegetables and dry fruits.


Any how these eyelid and lip problems are occurred in winters because both of these body parts do have a thin layer of skins. As each and every part of the body always got sock in cool and chilly weather. But if the above tips do not work, consider making an appointment with doctor as it may be a sign of a serious medical problem alike anemia or diabetes. A proper medical examination will cure the cause.


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