How to Give Yourself a Makeover if u want to Look Trendy

Take a look at yourself

First of all you got to take a deep look at yourself you must know what is lacking in your looks what you desire to look like. What is missing in your appearance? It’s never that you’re lacking but the Trends change and you got look trendy because you deserves. After taking a look at yourself you must search for what the trend is and Follow these simple steps:

Be Hygienic

This is the basic thing you have to do before getting into any Trend stream.
One must be hygienic in order to be healthy as “Health isn’t a goal it’s a way of living.”So,

* Brush your teeth at least twice a day

* Take shower once a day

* Brush your hair nicely

* Make sure whatever you’re going to wear is washed and ironed

* Trim your nails

* Eat homemade food


Look into your fitness state

To took as what you desire to look, you must possess a physically fit body. A fat or cubby person loses his confidences easily. Getting into shape is not tough all it need is your will. Removing Junk food and replacing it with Fruits and vegetables and Adding a few Aerobic exercises or Yoga in your weekly routine will help a lot.


Hair Do

The hair style of a person matters a lot more in how he or she looks. So get a nice hair cut by someone credible. Don’t go to any road side hair salon. You better know what hair style you want but choose carefully because Bad hair cut is a nightmare.

* If you have a long face, select a hairstyle that will make it look shorten. A chin length inward hairstyle work great.

* If your face is wide then select a hair style that will add length to your face. Don’t get a short hair cut instead go for long straight hair.

* If you have an angular face then go for a soften hair cut so It will soften the edges of your face.

* If you have a perfectly oval shaped faces then you are lucky enough to get any king of hair style whether its short or long.

these most trendy hair cut of 2016.


Change the color of your hair

Changing the color of your hair gives you a complete new look. It is believed that you should change the color of your hair into two shades dark or two shades lighter but it’s totally up to you how YOU want it to be. Select a color and get your hair colored. If you dye your hair dye them every 2 months to maintain the Glam otherwise the roots will grow that will make a contrasting shade in your hair.

The most glamorous colors are rich, intense ones: blonde, golden blonde, light brown, golden brown, dark brown, black. Basically, any more saturated versions of natural hair colors are the Best.

Treat your skin

Your skin needs to be taken care, use quality cosmetics and try to keep it acne and wrinkle free. Low quality beauty products may cause harm to your skin so invest in better quality skin care products to look fresh and charming.

Buy few necessary products like, Cleanser, Toner and moisturizer to keep your skin dirt free. Try to buy top brands because your skin is precious than anything else is.
Don’t stress out; take things positively because it shows on your face. Go to spa and beauty salon every month and use some home remedies too but never over do it.


Spruce up your nails

make sure to keep your nails clean first, after that decide what length of nails you want trim them accordingly, go to a salon for manicure pedicure but that’s not necessary because you can do it yourself at home, yes that’s not something impossible. Take an internet tutorial and you can do it yourself. Use nail color and try some nail arts too they are trendy.


Dress up!

This is really a very important thing how you dress up, so choose dresses and body accessories that will make you look trendier and go with your physic. Don’t wear extra shimmery and fancy dresses. Dress up accordingly the event. Casually, change your wardrobe a little. Buy new dresses, bags and shoes that are in fashion. Don’t ignore the foot wears. Buy some really cool shoes and scandals. Better go for designer clothes and footwear.

Your wardrobe should be organized so it’s always easy go to get ready for a day out.

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