How to Protect Myself from Cold and Cough in Cold Weather

winter is the weather of cold and flu we often get cold, it’s not because of cold weather but flu virus prevailing, getting wet or cold doesn’t cause flu. So enjoy the weather but take few things in mind to protect yourself from Cold and flu.


Avoid touching things that flu patients touch

basically, cold and flu spreads from flu virus through droplets released in air when flu patient coughs or sneeze and through things patient touches. So if you avoid touching things that could be containing virus you can prevent cold flu.

Wash your hands

wash your hands more frequently with germ killing sanitizer. Wash your hands before eating.

Avoid touching your nose, lips and eyes

A study in University of California says that a person on average touches his face 16 times per hour this is why there are more chances to take flu virus in his mouth. So by avoiding hand contact with face you can avoid flu and cold.

Drink more

about 8 glass of water per day are recommended by doctors for a healthy life. When we drink less water it leads to dehydration in our body that makes your mucus drier and less efficient in fighting against viruses. So drinking more water will certainly help in avoiding cold and flu.


According to the scientists a sound sleep is vital for our body to stay healthy, a person who sleep less is more likely to catch viral diseases like flu and cold. Therefore sleeping 7-8hours a day is very important.


to avoid getting cold and flu your body should have the immunity to fight against virus, this is why you should make exercise a part of your daily routine. It helps us maintain a healthy life style.

Stop biting your nails

Brasco says: “Germs get under your nails and nibbling is a fast way to ingest them.” So stop biting nails it can cause flu.

Sneeze into crook of your elbow

If you’re having cold and flu do not sneeze in your hands because it will make the virus spread instead sneeze into crook of your elbow.

Beware of symptoms

The cold and flu shows pre illness symptoms like sneezing and sniffles. If you’re showing these symptoms consult your doctor or take any herbal remedy right away.

Herbs and food that help to cure flu and cold:

* Garlic

* Mushroom

* Lemon

* Honey

* hot soups

* Hot drinks.

Stay positive

According to the new research staying positive and happy boosts your immune system. Prof Carl Charnetski of Wilkes University revealed that playing with a pet, positive thinking and sex like pleasurable activities will boost your immunity.

Quit smoking

if you smoke your chances to catch a cold increases because of change in respiratory track and decrease in immune system. In a study it was discovered that smoking destroys cilia (little hair like fiber in our nose) which increases the risk of getting viral diseases. So this is another reason for you to quit smoking.

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