How to Remove Green Tint From Hair:

Due to too much sun exposure some of the times the color of your hair turned up into different shades. They cool odd actually. Unbearable effect in any ones face or hair will make you feel bad outside. Some of the times, due to chlorinated water the color of the hair got changed into different shades.

Actually the green color is done by the oxidized copper due to which the hair looks ugly on us. And it’s called as “The Martian effect”. So you need to lower it down by having some techniques of removing green tints from your hair.


Use Ketchup:

You need to cover up your hair with ketchup. Place ketchup on your hair not just the green affected one. But you need to spray it all over the hair. Then you need to cover it up with the help of the plastic wrap. Its feel do ugly having a cold and goosy ketchup all around your head. You have to bear up its smell. And make your hair marinated with ketchup from 25-30 minutes. After it you need to wash it up. Then you will able to see that the reddish color will be appearing on your hair. And the green color will be overwhelmed by the help of having red color on your hair. Ketchup does carry vinegar and also the red tomatoes

Use bleach powder and water:

Some of the times the green color appears up in your hair, using too much water on. Water carries some chloral acid in it. Due to which the color of the hair got damaged. If the tip of the ketchup didn’t work up, then you need to add another technique to make your hair what was it before. So you need to apply bleach powder and water, just mix up the both products. And then apply it on. After wards you are going to see that the color of your hair will be different. It’s going to be dark blue and purple combo and a dusty light pink.

Bleach powder and water and shampoo:

Add much bleach powder about a scope in it. And create a mixture of bleaching adding bleach and water in it. Then paste the batter on your hair. But you need to warm it up. Put a cap on your head. This will warm your head up. If it hot and a warm day, then sure it will work more handsomely. You should feel well warm under such going through technique. After it you need to rinse and shampoo up your hair. And add a large amount of conditioner. It will smoothes your hair.


Lemon is another home remedy, which is use to get rid of the green color from your hair. Just add lemon mixed up with water to your hair. And after it condition it well. Then you are able to see the green effect will be removed out.

Use coke:

Apply coke on your hair to come down the green color. After applying it on your head just make a bit massage. Then after 10 minutes make it wash off. The color will be changed.


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