How to Stop Fainting From Needles

Needle phobia, which is casually called fear of needles, it is the extreme fear of medical procedures that involve Injections and hypodermic needles.


No one of us like getting injected with a needle as it hurt a little, that’s normal, but there are people who have a greater faintheartedness of needles that cause a real trouble when they get woozy merely by seeing a needle.

People with such phobia try to avoid vaccines and injections for illness because of dread they feel. All the physicians don’t know how they should deal with a patient of this phobia, so it’s important that you better know what are methods you can use to overcome this phobia or at least how you can avoid getting dizzy at times of blood drawing or injections.

It’s not simple that anyone having fear of needle have “needle phobia” there are certain symptoms of needle phobia that includes:

* Spinning head

* ringing ears

* unclear sight

* sweatiness

* anxiety

sadly this fear is normally genetic, causing people to faint when they stand for long time and when extra tired like situations.

Yet there are some steps that can be taken in order to avoid getting fainted at occasions. Please read the following.

Eat healthy Breakfast

Eat a real healthy breakfast before getting a needle; include good nutritious food as fruits and vegetables in your breakfast, don’t eat too much of sugar if you have low blood pressure or diabetes like diseases because low Blood pressure, sugar level and fatigue aggravate the symptoms of phobia.

Drink plenty of water

drinking more of water as healthy in any way but when you have “needle phobia” you need to increase the intake of fluids. Try to increase salt intake as well to maintain the blood pressure and strong nerves. Drink fresh fruits juice.


It is a psychological therapy in which the therapist gradually diminish the emotional responsiveness for the fear patient have, by repeated exposure. In a situation where you have a greater phobia you might need a therapist to overcome it.

keep your blood pressure normal

It is very important to keep the blood pressure normal when you’re about to face a needle/injection, you might get more dizzy with lower blood pressure as there are more chances to faint with low blood pressure than in normal.

Ly down while taking needle

If your legs are at level with your head or they are above your head, there are only few chances left for lower blood pressure, so take the needle while you are lying down. When you are lifting a leg the blood won’t pool much and the mind will get more oxygen.

Draw away your attention from procedure

this is the most important thing when you’re facing something you are afraid of, you should distract yourself from the procedure and give attention to something you enjoy or just anything that can keep your mind busy for a while.

Warm up a little

a little warm up will be great, do a simple blood circulating exercise before you go to see a doctor.

Stay seated

people are more likely to become woozy after the procedure is complete; you shouldn’t just stand up after the procedure is completed. Stay seated for 10-15 minutes and let your body be at ease.

Drink after procedure

You should drink after such procedure.

It’s a matter of time that you will become less anxious after just few successful procedures.

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