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Te girls who are very conscious about the  cleanliness of their house because house is a place where we can do which we want and the bedroom that is our personal place where we can do which we want we can sleep, play ,read , party and many things can do in our room because it is  our place nobody can  restrict you to do anything in the room because it is your place and the bedroom where we  feel so much ease ourselves .cleaning the room is not too difficult thing because in the  room cleanliness you have  required only half an hour and your room will be neat and clean the cleanliness is divided in to three process like daily ,weekly  and monthly .

in the daily cleanliness you  have to do dusting and booming and in the weekly wash the covers of the beds and change another and the carpet cleaning with vacuum cleaner and in the monthly cleanliness  you have to wash the carpet and remove the spider webs ,dusting the walls and doors and wash your room with detergent for finishing all the germs. The girls who want to change the rules of cleaning they can create different thing in their room.

Setting of bed:

If The setting of the room is very old means it is for long period then you can change the setting of your room because it is your room you can set the furniture according to your choice.  First set the clock and then start the cleaning. keep the bed at the corner of the room or   where you can easily sit and lying and change the bed sheet if it is summer season then use the light stuff colorful bedcover is good and for the winter season the heavy stuff dark color bed sheet are nice and for spring floral and the colorful bed sheets are good.

Garbage removes:

The  big garbage or  rapper ,plastic  shopping bags , juice boxes and the peel of fruits which you have thrown  put out these  all the thing and throw in to the basket and  wash the dustbin because on the garbage too much germs are over come  and  keep the thrash in one corner away from your sitting place .the garbage which is under your bed keep out  and put it in to the dustbin and now brooming on the floor  with the  soft broom  and if the carpet is in your room then  use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning the mats.

All the things on place:

The things which are not on their place keep these things at their own places means if the books are on the bed and sofas then keep it in the book shelves and the  book frame keep the books in the line and the shoes which are  under the bed and the  cupboard put out  your all pair of shoes and keep it in the  shoes rack with setting the summer season is in the bottom the winter is in the center and the spring shoes are on the top because spring season is continue. The plates and the glasses which are lay in your room keep that all things in the kitchen.

Change the covers:

In the  spring season the air is very fast and due to it too much dust that can dirty the curtains and your sofas cover  so keep them clean  if your covers  become dirty then change the covers of the  sofas and the curtain keep the dirty clothes in the washing machine and at the day of Sunday wash these  clothes  for  the next week  clean your  study table and  the mat of the tables   keep the make up at their own place  and the dresses which you have to  remove in this whole week keep them in their own places  and tie all the  clothes and keep it at their own places  according to the season.

Dusting and wipe out:

In the last and final step is   dusting because when you keep the things at their places and  do the moping and the vacuum cleaner then too much dust is blow which  is on the furniture then take a spare clothe and wet it with swipe  and  start the dusting on the table and the wood furniture and  mirror of your room  with the paper and the vinegar if you don’t have mirror cleaner  the  table glass should be clean and your  all the furniture look shining so in the end if  the   wiping is compulsory then wipe out on the  floor  with the mop and in the mop water add some finayll  and the fragrance  detergent  that create the sweet fragrance in your room  and the germs of your room and now your room is clean in  half an hour now sit in it with fresh air.

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