Ideas To Use Hydrogen Per Oxide for Removal of Black Heads

Black heads are main issue now day’s because there is so much dirt and pollution due to over traffic and industrial wastage in air. Black heads are dirt particles that might get sucked in skin pores. Black heads are mainly prominent in nose area and at the lower side of lips. Black heads make skin less clear and fresh. We also considered that black head is kind of acne in which skin oil is clogged and pores are filled in to create black dots on skin. Black head removal products don’t work the same way as they promise to do. One should not rely upon black head removal market product as it is best for temporary effects but merely not so much beneficial for long time duration. We are going to explain a beneficial and effective home remedy for removal of black heads which would be amazingly effective and for long time duration. Just take a look.

Hydrogen per oxide usage for removal of black heads on skin:

Follow following steps for best result.

1)    Wash out your face with mild cleanser to remove bacteria, excess oil and dirt from your face and to avoid any reaction on skin.

2)    Next step is of exfoliation. You have to exfoliate skin which is affected by blackheads. Yu can exfoliate with homemade scrub which is considered a paste which is mixture of sugar and water. It will help in removal of black heads by making skin mild from effected parts.

3)    Now we are ready to do hydrogen per oxide treatment for removal of black heads

4)    Moist cotton ball with not more than 3 percent of hydrogen per oxide.

5)    Gently dab black head with cotton ball, moisten with hydrogen per oxide mixture.

6)    Make sure that your hair line and eye brows are avoided because it has bleaching properties which will bleach out your hairs.

7)    Moisturize your skin with jojoba oil or olive oil when it’s still damp.

8)    Massage one tea spoon of oil on your face.

9)    It will smoothens and protect your skin and make it moisturize.

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