Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth Benefits

Jojoba oil deals with hair growth and the whole health of your hair in such a way, that you can make your friends envious of your pretty long hair. Jojoba oil has the qualities for moisturizing the hair without leaving any residues. It is the extensive dryness of scalp that prompts dandruff and hair fall at a higher rate. It can help hair cells to recreate themselves at a fast pace. The use of jojoba oil can really improve your hair growth in no time.

Read this article to know the use and benefits of using jojoba oil for hair growth and health.


How to use:

  1. Take few drops of jojoba oil in a dish as much as your hair require, in case you have long or heavy hair increase the amount of oil and if you have thin hair use little amount of oil.
  2. Put the dish in a microwave to heat it up a for few seconds.
  • Gently dunk your hand into the heated (should be bearable for your skin) oil and apply it on to your hair. Abstain from applying oil to the scalp, as it might bring about up clogging of pores.
  1. Cover up the oiled hair with a plastic cap to keep oil from drying out.
  2. Leave it like this for 10-15 minutes, then wash your hair, and use conditioner and let the hair to get dry. Don’t use towel.


  • It is promptly acknowledged by the scalp and does not disturb the scalp’s normal balance and health. This is a direct result of its similar molecular structure to sebum (the scalp’s own oil).
  • It is well known to have antibacterial properties. It cures the scalp and can be utilized to treat dry scalp issues and dandruff.
  • It is made out of 98% monounsaturated fats and 2% soaked fats so it can enter the hair follicle and reinforce hair filaments from within.
  • Jojoba hydrates hair from within the hair shaft. So it functions admirably as a specialist for decreasing hygral fatigue (the swelling and shrinking of hair as it gets wet and dries that can make your the hair fiber weak).
  • As a conditioner jojoba give assistance to add shine, elasticity to hair and make your hair soft.
  • Jojoba can be utilized to add volume to thin hair. It adds volume and body to hair strands giving an appearance of thickness. All things considered, note that in the event that you have thin hair you can’t change over it to thick hair. That is hereditarily foreordained.
  • You can blend jojoba oil with essential oils and massage the blend into the scalp to increase blood flow to the scalp and this help hair growth. Do this daily; jojoba is light and non-greasy.
  • Jojoba is an emollient – it fills in cracks that are on the surface of the hair cuticle, i.e., it repairs hair harmed by straitening, blow drying and curling.


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