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Hands are special body part on your all body because you  have to done your all work  with your two hands  and whole day your hands work and  work like the washing clothes, eating meal, cooking, taking care f kids, washing the dishes and  do your office work  no doubt in these all works our hands are used  without hands.

We are paralyzed because all our works are due to our  hands so we should taking care of our hands because it is remain in the front of our eyes  and the people don’t care about  their eyes they only  see towards their faces and want to make their face  glowing and shiny .

The products which  are made in the market are not good for the health of our skin  so we can make the skin better smooth , and  shiny  with the home made things  here I have some important tips for making your hands  beautiful and soft  because they become very rough due the continued use of the  hand wash and the soaps these things make your hands wrinkled and the  rough.
•    In the winter hands become dry and rough due to the dryness because we don’t wash our hands in many time in winter so they become dry on the hands massage the milk cream that is good for your dry hands it will make your hands soft and the white.
•    First of all wash your hands with the good hand wash and then use the lotion on your hands for making it smooth  and  if you want to make it white then  use the  whitening cream  which you can make it at home with the help of Upton and the  honey .
•    On your hand if the spots and the scars of the knife cut then  you can make your hand clean  with  the lemon because  lemon is the  best natural bleach  so take the lemon juice add some  baking soda and the  honey make a thick paste and apply it on your hands for the 10 to 20 minutes and then wash your hands with the luke warm water it will give you smooth and the  fresh hands repeat this act  twice in a week.
•    If your hands are too rough and the dirty  then in the night must massage your hands with the coconut oil it will make your hands soften and  whiten  and the almond oil is also best for making your hands glowing and beautiful  in the night must use anyone oil for messaging your hands  if you don’t want to use it at night then in the morning after  washing your  hands  apply this oil .
•    The ladies who have very rough and the dry hands they want white and the smooth hands then they can use the fine sugar and the oil first heat up the oil with sugar and when it become light warm apply this scrub on your hands after 20 minutes wash your hands with the luke warm water it is good scrub for peeling of the darkness.
•    Take some honey and add the glycerin in the honey for scrubbing on your hands  at night apply this mixture on your hands and then in the morning wash your hands with the  luke warm water  when you are applying honey first immediately  massage on your hands  otherwise it become dry and then scrubbing is very difficult.
•    Aloe Vera is the natural face scrub it Is used for the freshness of your body  in many face washes  and mouth wash this gel I used if your hands are becoming black due to the oil and dust then apply the aloe Vera gel on your hands and when it become  dry then wash your hands with  luke warm water before wash  it the gram floor can also applied on the hands for the glowing and the soften  skin.
•    For the cleansing of your hands use the avocado scrub it will help you to make your hands smooth whitens and the glowing .avoid to wash your hand with much perfume soaps and hand washes because it can make your hands more rough and colorless. Don’t use the hand dryer for dry your hands rather dry your hands with the toilet paper and soft towel.
•    Don’t wash your hand full warm water and not use the full cool water for washing your hands.
•    Drink enough water to make your skin soft and smooth and use the vitamin A and C foods for making your skin fresh and the beautiful.


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