Make Your Lipstick Stay for Long Time With Fresh Look

A little bit effort is must for girls and women if you desire to look fabulous and up to date. To have trendy look you have to keep all knowledge about fashion and can make your look inspirational for others. Make up is am art and if you do not have command on make-up then you must know the basics how you can enhance your features and hide the imperfections. In your entire make up lipsticks throw the glow on face and finish off your make-up.

Without lipstick your face will look dull and it is important to match the color of the pout with eye make-up and dress color. The most difficult thing in this regard is the maintenance of the color of the lipstick because in all day long it can lose its shine or your lipstick can become invisible after the long interval of time. You can keep the grace and shiny look of the lipstick for all the day following some tips given below.

Follow these steps to have long lasting lipstick:

Step 1:  First of all you need to remove the flakes of dead skin from lips. You can exfoliate your skin. You can get rid of dead dry skin using damp tooth brush and scrub the top surface of the lips.

Step2: Now apply non-oily lip balm to make the lips smooth. Saphora lip balm is best to use in order to have best result. But lip balm with alcohol, flavors and fragrance can make your lips dry. And you need to have a thing that could give wax consistency without making the skin oily.

Step3: If you pat a concealer or foundation then that will help the lipstick a little bit to adhere for long time. This will also help the natural color of your lips to come out.

Step4: Now it’s the time to make a fence for lips to prevent them from bleeding. Using a pencil you can make an outline to give the proper shape to your lips. After making the outline also fill the lips with the help of pencil.

Step5:It is the time to apply the lipstick that you have chosen. To remove the first layer blot is the best way and you can secure the first layer with this method.

Step6: Putting a tissue on the lips drab the powder over the lips. Behind the show even make-up artistic do this technique to let the lipstick last for long time.

Step7: You can give the second and last coat to lips with your lipstick. With this method you can keep your lipstick for a long time.

Step8:Tidy up the edges of the lips and you will see shiny lipstick that will make your whole face shiny and glowing for long time.

Following the above instructions you will feel very glad and can make an end of your trouble of applying lipstick again and again. This technique will keep you at the most of ease and you will feel comfortable and relax all the day long.

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