Make Your Oily Skin Glowing in Winter With Easy Tips

All through the year no matter if it is hot or cold season oily skin needs a lot of care and attention. Because greasy skin and patches on face nobody would like to have. In this winter season do not expect that your skin do not need any care for only perspiration in summer can harm you but in winter too oily skin show its harmful effects. If your skin is good and healthy only then your make-uo will look good upon you and if your skin is not good having too much scars or pimples then it will spoil all your grace and will also damage your self-confidence.

Before applying make-up you need to deal with the problems of oily skin for to have better result of make-up. In this era nothing is impossible, all facilities are available for you and the requirement from you is just youir attention and time. The girls with oily skin can have best result of make-up if they done it rightly and of they do care of their skin in every season. Every season has its own demand but in winter you can take care of your skin with these methods:

Keep your skin hydrated:

Drink maximum water at least 10 glass per day to keep the skin moisturize and to let the toxins and bacteria get out from the pores of your skin. In winter we do not feel thirsty and d not drink water the whole day but it is not right. For oily skin water consumption is must to flush out the toxins and bacteria. At the time of bath you must use warm water and that can remove the natural oils from your skin. For this purpose you can add a few drops of tea tree oil in water for making the possibility of stripping away the natural oils less. For oily skin it is better to add vitamin A and E in diet.

Use oil-free moisturizer:

There are many moisturizers in market for oily skin. Use such moisturizer that is free from oil content and full of vitamin E, best for oily skin. Do not wash your face too much that can make your skin dry but after two or three time washes per day must apply moisturizer on your face to balance the oils. Do not use petroleum jelly on your face that is strictly prohibited for oily skin. Do noy forget to use sun screen while going outside.

Make-up products:

Oil-free and water-based liquid or cream is good option for oily skin. Powder-based products are better than water-based and they also stay for long time. If you are in a mood to purchase a foundation then matte foundation is a good option for you. Do not add shimmer or shiny things in your make-up products that can make your skin too oily or greasy. Use blotting paper to drab your face gently but do not rub the blotting paper on face. For hands and feet use deep conditioning moisturize cream and also wore gloves to keep them moisturize the whole night.

For contorment of cheeks:

Instead of using cream matte blush choose matte blush for that will stay on cheeks for a long time. Do not use shimmery blush for that will make your skin shine. The mattifying blush will give you a radiant glow. Starting from the apples go to the upper ear while contouring the cheeks.

Use water proof eye make-up:

To avoid creased eye make-up use water proof and water resistant eye make-up. Water proof mascara and eye liner can also be used for making eyes look bigger and beautiful. A primer is better than concealer for the eye lids.

With a little care the people with oily skin can overcome the problems that the oily skin causes. And with giving attention to products you are purchasing you can have best result of make-up that will stay longer with fresh look.

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