Natural Remedies to Glow Up Your Lips Just Pink


These days, to get naturally pink lips is not an easy deal as most of us are suffering from the issues of pollution, caffeine effects, alcohol, dehydration, imbalanced hormones and the wrong diet that are affecting badly to natural health and beauty. Similarly these health issues also fade the lips color to darker tone that does not look like a perfect beauty.

Mainly the ladies get it serious and always tense how to tackle this problem. This post has relatively compiled for those who want to get pink lips forever. But keep in mind that fillings and injections are not the ultimate solutions, in fact these ways of getting lips pink and fuller is highly dangerous that sometimes comes in severe cases. So, we’ve decided to state here such remedies that are natural and have no side effects.

Pink lips are signified to the petals of flowers and it further glows up the complexion too, don’t worry we have some fruitful ways to lighten up the dark lips into pink color naturally. But make sure that you are not giving pauses in using these lips packs and be patient in waiting for positive results.

Another thing is to keep your diet healthy when applying such lips pink remedies, don’t eat junk food which is the mother of different diseases and problems. Drink maximum water to moisturize and hydrate lips and give up the use of caffeine and alcohol. This way you can have instant glow through such remedies in a very short period of time.

Exfoliate lips with brush:


Firstly, to keep the lips hydrated and fresh like, you have to exfoliate your lips. The best way to exfoliate lips is to rub any tooth brush smoothly especially when you are going to take bath. But don’t rub it brutally that may harm lips badly. Exfoliation permits the cells to stay alive and work best that helps in remaining lips pink.

Apple seeds and milk paste for lips:


Apple seeds contain the significant vitamin that is very good for lips, to make the lip paste for keeping them pink you need apple seed powder and some milk to mix up and apply on lips on daily basis. But make sure the seed powder is grinded at home. This lip paste has instant effects to gain the pink beauty of lips in a short while.

Peach and butter:


Well, peach is recommended by doctors to patients when they have to gain the health on instant period. I would like to suggest that eating 2 peaches daily doesn’t let your health down and keep the beauty long lasting. To lighten up dark lips however, take 2-3 peach pieces and grind it with one tbs raw butter. Save this paste to any small jar and have on lips two times a day to keep the lips color pinkish and smooth.

Rose petals locks lips beauty:


Rose symbolize for beauty that is why used in different beauty products. Fresh rose petals in this regard contain too much significance because there juice or grinded pulp mixed in milk have great power to transform dark lips into fuller one and pink. You can also dip rose petals in milk for 1-2 hours and mix them well with hands or spoons. This liquid is also beneficial for lips to make the beauty long lasting.

Olive oil with sugar:


Olive oil really has great entrance when you go for healthy and homemade remedies to sort out any beauty problem. Whether you use olive oil for hair, face or any body part, it works very well. For sustaining pink lip color, take a pinch of granulated sugar and some drops of olive oil to put on lips and rub gently. Repeat this practice daily and you will see the effects positively.

Beetroot and carrot juice for lips:


Both vegetables have many vitamins and minerals that protect skin from empowering any issue. Well, skin specialist suggest eating for carrot and beetroot for glowing skin but their juice also effective when you have problem of darkening the lips. To bring the naturally pink glow on lips, the mix up juices of carrot and beetroot for daily use can bring total wonderful results.

Homemade lip balm:


Don’t go with market readymade lips balm that contain some bad chemicals too, make your own natural lip balm at home. For this purpose you need some aloe Vera gel and bee wax, mix it by giving some heat and save in any box. You can also add color or any lipstick in small quantity to have your favorite color on lips. Use this when going out or even you are at home. It lightens up dark lips and blesses the pink lips naturally.

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