How To Do a Pedicure and Manicure at Home


This is everyone’s wish to have an overall attractive and good-looking appearance. Your hands and feet are the prominent parts of your body and everybody loves to be them appealing. Fortunately this is something not very effortful. You also don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive beauty products or on beauty parlors.

You can do your pedicure at home by following a few simple and easy steps.
Regular pedicure and manicure helps in making your mind and body relax. It also regulates a normal blood circulation in your body. And in context of beauty, you get rid of dead skin from your feet and make them look neat and beautiful.

Follow the easy steps to give yourself a manicure and pedicure at your home. Steps for the both are similar with each other up to a very extent. Get started with pampering your hand and feet and feel a standing out difference.

Needed content
All you need for having a pedicure is:

o    Half tub of warm water
o    Nail filer
o    Nail cutter
o    Foot filer
o    Nail polish remover
o    Massage lotion
o    Soft towel
o    Bath net
o    Transparent nail polish
o    Finger brush
o    Cotton pads


This is the fact that most of the people while having a session with you, observe your hands. This is something very interesting to know that alluring hands sometimes leave kind of beauty impression in the minds of others. The best way to make them look beautiful is to have a healthy manicure often which is a special beauty treatment to keep your hands and fingernails looks charming. You can do it at your home without spending much money on parlors and saloons. Have a look on the method of manicure.

Wash your hands

First of all wash your hands with fresh water.

Remove nail polish

If you have got any nail paint, remove it with the nail polish remover. You should have a good quality nail polish remover so as you may not get your nails marred. Add the nail polish remover on a cotton ball and clean your nails after making it properly moistened.

Cut and file your nails

Cut your nails with a sharp nail cutter carefully. Afterwards file them properly in a good shape according to your choice.  If you don’t want them to get short, you can just file them.
Buff your nails but not too much, as too much buffing can make your nails thin and weak.

Soak your hands in water

Get a tub with warm water and add a few drops of shampoo and a teaspoon of salt in it. Let your hands soaked for 10-15 minutes. Before soaking them in water, apply some softening cream and massage your cuticles.

Clean your hands

Now clean your hands thoroughly and softly with bath net and wash again.

Apply the nail polish

Apply the base coat. Now apply another coat and clean up of there are any color smudges.


Pedicure cures tired feet and relieves pain from them. Besides it make them look healthy and beautiful. Follow these steps to have a pedicure:

Soak your feet

Take lukewarm water in a small tub where you can adjust your feet. Add few drops of shampoo, a teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Soak your feet in water after removing nail polish. Lave them soaked for 15 minutes.

Shape your nails

Cut your nails. Trim and buff them. File your heels.
Again soak them in water and rub with bath net to make them clean and eliminate all impurities and pollutants.

Make them Clean

Now clean them and dry with a soft towel. Apply cuticle cream and remove dirt from each nail. Massage the cream for 5-10 minutes gently and again wash your feet.

Apply nail polish

Apply the nail polish of your favorite color properly as it may not leave any smudges behind. And then apply the transparent nail polish coat on it.
This publication will help you much in making your hands and feet look exceptionally good.

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