How to Relieve Stress and Depression Naturally

The fact is Depression is not a disease but an emotional disorder; the problem is it is common like a viral disease now a day. A majority of people feels depressed and stressed out because of several situations mostly work/study pressure, relationship, environment and other “modern life complexities and consequences”. The degree of depress, stress or anxiety can vary but consistent metal stress of daily life leads to emotional commotion and then DEPRESSION.


Treating it doesn’t always mean you have to spend hours under counseling or have to take MEDICINES for weeks. Those methods may be useful but you can use natural remedies to change your mental state and overall health. These remedies come with no side effects though the quick results are not always guaranteed.

Read this article how you can relieve stress and depression without seeing a specialist, at home.


  • Reduced concentration
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Aches and constipation
  • Body aches and
  • low body temperature
  • low blood pressure


Apple is one of the best natural remedy to battle depression. Apple is a converge of a chemical substances that includes vitamin B, potassium and phosphorus which helps in amalgamation of a corrosive known as ‘glutamic’, in charge of controlling the functions of nerve cells. When apple is eaten with honey and milk, it work as a nerve tonic and mixes life and energy to the nerves.

Get moving

Yoga, exercises and meditation has enchanted effect on stress. Keeping the body mentally and physically fit, exercise gives unwinding and mental bliss. Yoga is thought to be a useful regular treatment for depression. It makes your brain and body inside strong. Meditation again has a great advantage in treating stress and depression by making the individual mentally strong and setting up the brain to fight depression.


Studies have reported the amazing effects of sleep on emotional well-being, similar to the one by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine that found that the heritability of depressive symptoms in twins with short sleep was about double the heritability in twins dozing seven to nine hours for every night.

Cashew nut

It is a brilliant solution for anxiousness and general depression. It is additionally a rich source of Vitamin B stimulate nervous system and keeps the body chipper by enhancing appetite.


Turmeric is trusted for its therapeudic property. Turmeric treats depression caused by unwanted seasonal changes which is known as “seasonal affective disorder “.


Brahmi is a mainstream herb utilized as a part of the treatment of depression. Its aides in the unwinding of mind and treats stress and anxiety. Brahmi oil has a relieving and cooling impact on brain. Regular utilization of Brahmi oil helps to avoid depression.


Cardamom helps in mitigating depression and anxiety. The aroma of cardamom aides in relieving the nerves. Add cardamom to some hot tea and drink.


Boil 20 to 30 flower petals in some water for 15 minutes. Allow the blend to stand and let it become cool. Drink the solution 2-3 times a day. Rose Flower petals are extremely powerful in lessening depression.

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