Secrets of Living a Happy Life With Your kids and Wife

“Family is not important, it’s everything” says Michael J. Fox


In the world of uncertainty it is most important to make out family the center of our lives. Our family should be out priority. This is not all you have to do, there are things that need to be taken care of, and there are secrets of living a happy life with your kids and spouse.


It is revealed from studies and surveys that a happy communicates more. It is the key to know how other members are doing in their lives, living under same roof or living separate it is very important that all the members talk often. Share their happiness and worries. Lack of communication definitely increases the differences. So stay in touch!


Eat together

“Family dinners are essential.” have at least 4 dinners together per week. It is the time to spread happiness and getting closer.

  1. Flexibility in behaviors

Having flexibility in behaviors helps a lot in keeping peace in the home, Stubbornness and stiff behaviors ruins situations where you need to be more understanding and concerned. Embracing each other’s imperfections is crucial for living a happy life.

  1. Nick names and secrets

    having nick names for each other and having family secrets keeps people close, it is sign of love and unity.

  2. Prefer family before anyone else|

    keeping your family first should be everyone’s priority, being available for others but not family sound’s disgusting. It doesn’t mean cut off your contacts with friends but it simply means you need to be always available for your family in times of need.

  3. Don’t overdo work, Spend time together

    though you work for your family but working that much when you are not even able see your family is heartbreaking and not good for your own health, so work as much as you can and spend more of your time with the family because a wealthy family is not always happy but a happy family is always wealthy, this wealth may not be in money terms but contentment and peace of mind.

  4. Perform Rituals and pray together

    Rituals and prayers are something that keeps us close to God; it makes our heart bliss and our lives easy. Performing rituals and Prayers together means you’re more blessed and increase the bond that keep family together.

  5. Play together

    Playing together is another way to spend time together but gives laughter dose, memories, fun time and shows us who is good at what.

9.Give “my time” to each other

Spending family time is important but sometimes we need time when we can do things we can do alone only, others may want some privacy too. Letting each other do their things is as important as doing spending time together.

10. Arrange family outings

A day out with family is the best thing; go to the places where you can enjoy the most, plan out picnics at less crowded places so you can enjoy more with less noise and pollution. Visit far of places, watch movies together. These kind of outings are not just your time with families but life time memories that will always stay fresh in memories


  1. be affectionate and considerate

  2. for living a life with bliss and contentment is utmost considerate towards each other, not giving your time and not showing your concern to family can make distances. Letting each other know that you’re there for them, giving shoulder to cry on in hard times and taking care of one another will makes relationships stronger.

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