Self Grooming Tips for Housewives


All the women are blessed with beauty, charm and elegance that no other creation has, but the problem is women are more prone to make the beauty disappear by not taking proper care of them, especially the housewives. Their time might look unoccupied but they are actually at work at home. They fail to make treat themselves with the attention they deserve in hectic routines, stressing them while taking care of home and family. They lose the natural beauty due to lifestyle, unhygienic atmosphere, unhealthy food, stress and exhausting schedules. The sooner a housewife realize how much important is personal care of self grooming is the better it will be.

Here are some basic tips for self grooming that can surely help you to maintain good health and beautiful skin.

Hair care

Hair care includes the following.

  • proper cleaning

Hair need to be washed regularly but not daily if you have a dry skin. Keep your hair healthy by keeping hair and scalp clean.

  • Hair color

You color is important when it comes to your overall looks, your look completely changes when you dye your hair, it depends how beautiful and young you look or how weird you look depending on what color you use. Consult a good stylist for better hair color for you.

  • Hair cut

Hair cut also make a change in personality, don’t over grow your hair as long hair need extra care, get a pretty hair cut according to your face cut and height.

  • Hair health

As our body need food to live and stay healthy our hair need it too, to live and look good. Food for hair are the essential oils like Mustered and almond oil, moreover you got to eat healthy to have healthy hair.

Skin care

  • Staying hydrated

The most important element for our skin’s health is staying hydrated. Water is a necessity for our body, drink enough water daily to avoid skin and other health problems, also it will give glow to your skin.

  • Treating any disorder

You might be having skin problems but never got time to get treatment or to try a home remedy. Get it now.

  • Moisturizing and cleaning

Keep your skin moisturized and clean. Use good quality products for moisturizing and cleaning. Doing so is important because dry and unclean skin is more prone to skin issues like acne.

  • Using less make up

Avoid using too much make up, it might make you look good at time but it actually harm your skin and health. Use high quality make up and use it occasionally.

  • Food for skin

Eat a lot of colorful fruits and vegetable for keeping skin alive. Drink a lot of water it is good for every aspect of your health.

Health care

  • De-stressing

Tiring daily routine can make anyone stressed and unhappy. You got de-stress yourself quite often. Do yoga or any other physical activity like dancing, walking or get body massage for getting relaxed.

  • Exercising

Exercising is important for body health and for mental health as well. It helps a lot in preventing disease and keeps you active and fit.

  • Eating healthy

Eat balanced food that includes good nutrients like Vitamins, fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium and proteins.

Dress up

 You stay at home most of the times don’t mean you can wear anything you get your hands on in your wardrobe. Be stylish!


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