Side Effects of Dying Hair Too Much

Coloring and dying hair is been done since decades, whether it is for the sake of being trendy and fashion-freak or to hide the white/gray hair. Debates has been done on if the hair colors/dyers are damaging or they are safe, from many researches made in this regard shows that the hair dyes can badly effect human health and skin.


Here are some severe side-effects of hair dying that you must know.

Breast Cancer

P-Phenylenediamine (PPD) Present in the hair dye products can originate the breast cancer. The studies have shown that, “Women who worked for 5 years or more in beauty salons or were engaged with hair dying exhibited more occurrence of breast cancer than the women who stayed away from hair dying.” The Resorcinol (Endocrine-disrupting chemical) disrupts the natural balance of hormones in the human body that can increase the chances of Breast Cancer in human body and effects DNA cells.


The chemicals are already affecting the upper respiratory system of millions of people. This has been shown form several studies that, “the use of commercial hair dyes increase the risk of Asthma because of harmful ingredients like PDD, Persulfates and ammonia.”
Ammonia can terribly affect the persisting breathing problems and its high concentration can cause Asthma attacks.
There is 60% of Persulfates presence in the commercial hair dyes, the continued contraction with Persulfates can cause serious problems like lungs inflammation, cough, throat ache and severe Asthma attacks.

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Did you know that dying your hair can cause Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (Cancer of Lymph Tissues)? This is kind cancer that develops in the Lymph nodes and born marrow and it badly affects the immunity of body to fight against the infections and other diseases. According to the data received from the National Cancer Institute, it is revealed that, “30% of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cases caused by regular use of commercial hair dye. 4-ABP (byproduct) has carcinogenic effects. It mostly exists in Blonde Red and Black hair dyes.

Brittle hair

The frequent and excessive use of hair dyes make hair dry and snatch the shine from hair because of the chemical present in the hair dyes. The wench chemicals plunder all the moisture from the hair which leads to lifeless hair and the only way left to get back the liveliness of hair is “A hair cut.” So you will have to sacrifice your hair length in the process.

Grassy hair

The use of Ammonia and other harmful chemicals will gradually make your hair look like dead grass. Especially the low quality hair dyes leaves really bad effects on hair and scalp.

Skin Allergies

The hair dyes contain more or less a dozen different chemical that is proved responsible for occurrence of undesired skin allergies and reactions. A female citizen of united Kingdome Tabitha McCourt, 17 died within 20 minutes from getting severe chemical reaction of a hair dye. The hair dye can damage your skin more than you believe.

To prevent skin allergies it is recommended that you get a Patch test 2 day prior dying your hair, it helps to know whether the hair dye suites your skin or not.

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