Side Effects of Using Old Toothbrush

You most likely realize that you have to Change your family’s toothbrushes like clockwork – no less than four times each year. In any case, do you know why? It’s not a plan by the toothbrush creators to get more cash out of you. The Dentists, need you to realize that your toothbrush is a crucial piece of your oral health regiment, and there are some vital reasons why you shouldn’t keep the same one for a considerable length of time to avoid the aftermaths.

Read the following to know how your old toothbrush can actually cause trouble to your health.


It’s best to change your toothbrush after you’ve become ill. From something as simple as a viral disease, to oral sicknesses like mouth blisters or strep throat, it’s a smart thought to switch your tooth brush out. Get another toothbrush when you feel the sickness going ahead, and a second one for when the disease has decreased. In this way you can keep yourself safe from getting sick again with the same disease this seems to be an unknown cause of getting sick over and over.

The Bacteria

Your toothbrush is a great instrument for expelling micro organisms (Bacteria) from your teeth and mouth. In any case, it doesn’t really slaughter the Bacteria completely. In spite of the fact that a decent wash when you’ve got done with brushing evacuates the greater part of the micro organisms and germs, some of it stays in the brush. This isn’t an issue at to begin with, yet three months of microscopic organisms is more than you ought to be putting in your mouth. Also, the best place for microbes to breed and develop is in a warm moist environment – like your toothbrush. Since you are using a old brush, you are getting all the bacteria into your mouth, that is unhygienic, Pathogenic bacteria cause infectious diseases like leprosy, cholera, anthrax, and bubonic plague. They are also responsible for the spread of respiratory infections like tuberculosis. The bacterium legionella causes Legionnaires‘ disease, a lung infection which is a severe form of pneumonia.



Like any device, a toothbrush wears out. This influences your teeth in two ways. The primary issue is that the ragged abounds are intense on your finish, and can wear it away after some time. The second issue is that following three months of utilization, a toothbrush can be up to 95 percent less powerful at evacuating plaque than when it was new. By then it’s verging on like not brushing your teeth by any means.

Furthermore, here are some more pieces of advice on toothbrush use:

  • Utilize the brush prescribed by your dental specialist.
  • You’re brushing sessions ought to most recent two minutes or more.
  • Make sure that your toothbrush is put away in the upright position.
  • Give it a chance to air dry.
  • Ensure it doesn’t touch other toothbrushes.
  • Never ever share your toothbrush.


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