Side Effects of Waxing your Legs

Among the top methods of removing unwanted hair is Waxing. This method is being used since years with all its advantages and the disadvantages. Though waxing may cause pain still it’s a quick and clean formula for getting rid of undesired hair from almost every part of the body parts. Waxing besides removing unwanted hairs it also acts as a form of exfoliation. But there are a number of side effects of waxing, both immediate and long-term, that everyone should be aware of before they book an appointment.


Here are the disadvantages of waxing listed below.


It is observed that long term waxing regular waxing increases the risk of wrinkle formation. As the skin turn to lose its elasticity and suppleness, it develops wrinkles.

Ingrown hair

The problem of ingrown hairs is also referred as Pseudofolliculitis. Primarily, the major cause for the development of this waxing aftereffect is that waxing is done in the opposite direction of follicle.

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions have also been the biggest disadvantage of waxing. These reactions may include severe skin rash to folliculitis. It is also seen that people with sensitive skin develops pustules in the waxed area. In any kind of allergic reaction, it is advised to see the dermatologist immediately. Patch test is also recommended for the people with sensitive skin.

Skin Infections

This waxing side effect mainly appears due to the application of affliction, cheap or unclean waxing products for the method. Diabetic people should avoid waxing because their skin is more receptive for skin infection especially to deadlier and resistant bacteria.

Darker skin

There has been debate on whether hot wax is good or not, the reasoning is quite sensible. As the aftermath of hot waxing may be darkening skin and burns (occasionally). The overheated wax may cause reddish/brownish spots on the skin, these spots pop ups as an outcome of post-inflammatory pigmentation. Depending on the skin types, it might take one week to 1 year for the pigmentation to fade away.


The one of the more often than not associated side effect of waxing is irritation and redness. Many of the people develop redness and irritation of skin right after waxing which makes waxing unfavorable. Skin irritation and redness could be subsided with the application of ice on the affected area

Loss of skin elasticity

One of the long term demerits of waxing is that the skin losses its stretchiness and bouncy element, it happens in case of regular and prolonged waxing.


Waxing is painful. Although each person has different pain threshold, it surely hurts. Some people can handle the pain but for others it’s like the hardest thing to endure. And many of the girls just say a Big No to wax because of the pain.

Rashes Reddish Bumps

Everyone who gets body hair waxed, no matter how strong their skin, will endure some redness for a while post-wax. This can vary from being just a bit pink in the treated area for a few hours to having a rash, red bumps, and even some bleeding and bruising that can last for several days. Even those who get waxed regularly may not be immune.


Ice and cold compresses applied immediately after waxing can bring down the redness considerably.

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