Sleeping Positions that Ease your Back and Neck Pain

Many of the people face back and neck position because they don’t adopt an appropriate position for sleeping. Sleeping posture matters a lot as you spend 7-8 hours a day in that position you chose for sleeping. Pain in back and neck may make it tough for you to perform your daily life activities.


Besides sleeping position a few other things also count. If you want to sleep without having a neck or back strain then you must take a review of what you should do for having a healthy sleep.

Go with the flow:

Some people are of the view that changing your natural sleeping position may harm the quality of your life but later when you get habitual to a new position you may get it back. When you sleep on your back it helps you in preventing wrinkles on your face because nothing pushes against your back. But it doesn’t mean that you should change your sleeping position. Go for the position which brings quality sleeping time to you.

Keep on changing your positions during sleep:

Most of the people around the world sleep on their side but it is yet a mystery that which side should be chosen to sleep on; either right or left. Most of the people never change their position and sleep on the same position. Staying on one sleeping position whole night is not good for blood circulation in your body.

Condition of the mattress counts:

If your mattress is old and worn out it will push you to sleep in the middle of the bed. It would not allow you to sleep on side and staying whole night in the same position may cause strain in your back and neck.

Healthy sleeping position to avoid back and neck pain

A few simple changes in your sleeping position may make it easy for you to reduce back and neck pain. Here we are listing down some certain sleeping positions that can ease your back and neck pain:

Sleeping with a cervical pillow:

Cervical pillow is also called as orthopedic pillows. They are shaped in such a way to support the space under your head and neck while creating deeper depression on the place where you place your head and they give extra support under your neck. This way, your necks stays in proper alignment with the spine, whole night and you remain safe from any type of strain.

Sleep on your back:

This is one of the best sleeping positions because it allows your entire spine to stay in relaxing mode. In case if you give preference to sleep on your stomach or side, your pillow should not be too thick (usually not more than 6 inches high). Normal size f the pillow would help in preventing your neck from being curved unnaturally. While sleeping on your back, you should place a pillow under your knees so as to help maintaining the normal curve of your back.

Sleeping on your side:

By sleeping on your side in a proper manner you may get rid of neck and back strain. Draw your legs up little bit towards your chest and put a pillow between your legs. Use a proper full-length pillow for this purpose.

Sleeping on your stomach:

Place a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen. Use a pillow under the head if it doesn’t put stress on your back. But if it does, then try to sleep without pillow under your head. This position may be hard on your back.



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