How to Stop Excessive Sweating Naturally?

Sweating is the regular procedure of the body through which, it discharges its toxins, yet imagine a scenario in which that natural course gets to be degenerate by turning into a disorder. Unnecessary sweating or hyperhidrosis is one such issue that is strange thus atypical that it can even embarrass you. Therefore, before you confront some more inconvenience due to extreme sweating, get rid of it by taking after the underneath given home remedies.



Consumption of 2 teaspoons of natural vinegar and one teaspoon of apple juice vinegar three times in a day is an amazing solution for cure the extreme sweating. Take this blend on an empty stomach 30 minute after or before you eat your meal.

Tomato Juice

Each day drink a glass of fresh tomato juice made at home to dispose of the issue of excessive sweating.

Herbal Tea

Sage tea has ended up being an incredible solution to cure the discomfort of extreme sweating. Mix some sage herbs in warm water and let them cool. Drink this each day of week as sage is rich in magnesium and Vitamin B, which decreases the exercises of sweat glands. This cure is particularly implied for halting exorbitant sweating in the underarms. Green tea is similarly useful in the event that you don’t get sage herbs easily.


This is the least demanding solution for getting rid of an excessive amount of sweating. Just cut cuts of potato and rub them under your arms and the ranges, which sweat more.

Witch Hazel

This herb is an awesome astringent and antiperspirant, which tenderly becomes scarce the sweating area. Tea made up of this normal herb can likewise be utilized.

Cornstarch and Baking Soda

To get rid of excessive underarm sweating, apply a blend of cornstarch and baking soda under the arms after thoroughly cleaning them. Give it a chance to stay for 60 minutes and wash it off later. You can likewise include any essencial oil as an antiperspirant into the blend.

Wheatgrass Juice

A glass of wheatgrass juice a day is a compelling solution for treating the issue of intemperate sweating. Wheatgrass juice kills the acids in the body and is a rich source of vitamin B6, protein, vitamin C, folic acid, and vitamin B12.

Tannic Acid

Tea is the big source of tannic acid. Soak some tea bags in the bubbling water. At the point when the water cools off, dip your palms in it. This is a magnificent cure in the event that you confront a considerable measure of sweat in your palms.

Coconut Oil

Mix around 10grams of camphor in a dish of coconut oil and apply it on the sweat inclined areas to treat the inconvenience naturally.

Tea Tree Oil

Slender layers of tea tree oil can be connected to the high sweating areas. Tea tree oil has natural astringents, which will give you the fancied results inside a couple days of utilizing it.


Eating grapes regularly can mitigate out the issue of excessive sweating. It has regular antioxidants and it adjusts the temperature of the body.


Blend a tablespoon of salt with lime juice and massage your hands with this blend. It will decelerate the activities of sweat glands and will cure unreasonable sweating.

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