Stress and Tension Side Effects on Your Health

Stress is our body’s reaction to any change that require response or reaction. These changes may require Physical, emotional or mental responses. Change is part of everyone’s life, the events happening can put stress on us and negative affects leads to bad health. Stress can put its effects on our body It can affect our central nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, muscular system, reproductive system, and immune system as well.



Digestive system

Stress affects the digestive systems. It can cause stomach aches, burning and sometimes cause diarrhea or constipation. Stress can lead to so many disease it prolong, never let stress consume you.

Reduces brain tissues

Research shows that stress is able to reduce brain tissues that are responsible to self control and regulation of emotions. It can affect decision making and stress management.

Backaches and headaches

Stress can make your body ache more often, the reason is that the fight or flight response makes your muscles tense. People who have stress suffer from insomnia and headaches

Heart attacks and strokes

prolonged, chronic or frequent stress can badly affect your heart as it pump blood fast and make work too hard for long time that cause the heart vessels to become narrow and raise the blood pressure, higher the risk of hypertension and you are higher risk of heart attack and strokes.

Decreases immunity

stress affect the immune system, researches show that people with stress have less immunity and fall sick more often than people who are stress-free. They catches cold virus more easily and take long time to recover and fight off the virus. Their immunity to recover may increase for short time, but prolonged stress crucially affects the immune system.

Affect on Respiratory system

Stress affects the respiratory system of human body, stress increases the chances of asthma and it make it harder to breathe people who already have asthma or breathing disorders. According to the scientists the children who had faced great loses like death of parents or separation etc, have double chances of asthma than other child.

Reproductive system

Stress is exhausting for the body and mind, when people are under stress their desires for sexual relationships sinks. Stress affects the menstrual cycle as irregularity or no menstrual cycle. If stress last long men’s testosterone levels drops, that can affect sperm production and also the chances of infections increases.


Normal stress doesn’t affect the pregnancy but a prolonged or extreme stress may affect it, i.e., divorce, death of someone close. There are many cases of premature delivery and abortion when mother took too much stress.
It even affects the ability to conceive, its culprit is alpha-amylase, stress related substance. There are 12% less chances for a woman to conceive when she is stressed.


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