How to Take Care of Skin in Summer

Summer-time is the most loved weather around the world; it is the weather that allow more fun and activities outside the home as their in no more foot eating snow on the roads and you don’t have to put on bulky clothes. Though summer is total fun it can be problematic! During summers when sun goes up, it become more obvious that you are more prone to get skin issues like, dry rough skin, sun burns and in addition to that your body is more likely to get dehydrated which is alarming as that can lead to several health disorders. Therefore taking care of your skin becomes more important in summer than in rest of the seasons.

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To make your skin safe from summer effect here are some beneficial measures to be taken.

Stay hydrated

Water is an essential for human body, there is no survival without it. Our skin needs water for staying hydrated, because if it is dehydrated the chances are your skin will get parched, wrinkles, dry, spots and glow can be faded away. Water will flush out the toxins from your body making your skin healthy and beautiful, drink water regularly, at least 8 glass of water are required to anyone during summer.

Stay out of the reach of sun during 10 AM to 3:00 PM

The hottest time of a summer day starts from 10 in the morning and remains extreme hot until 3:00 in the afternoon, during these hours sun shine its brightest that makes sun rays almost unbearable and too dangerous for your skin. Try not to get in direct contact with sun rays at these particular hours.

Use clothing to protect your skin

If you have to get out in noon of summer make you are wearing proper clothes, don’t wear skin revealing cloths to prevent skin from the ultra violet rays of sun and excessive exposure of sun rays. Wear less heat absorbing colors, wear light and bright colors like blue green yellow and orange, and avoid wearing black and other dark colors as well.

Cover your head

When you go outside in the sun time try to put on a scarf or hat to cover your head so you can protect yourself from direct heat of the sun.

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Stay make-up free

Summer is the time your skin need a break a makeup free summer will help your skin from many of the skin issues and your skin will become livelier and pretty.


Don’t forget to use to apply sun screen whenever go into sun. Don’t only apply it once, apply it and reapply whenever you feel it is needed again. Sunscreens prevent skin from the damage sun can cause to your skin i.e., skin burn, dryness, damage and roughness.

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Swimming cautions

The swimming pools water contains chlorine that makes skin dry, so whenever swim don’t forget to get your skin rinsed and moisturized.


Eat healthy throughout the year but eat specially healthy during summer, eat food with more minerals and vitamins during the summer to keep your skin healthy.






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