How to Take Care of your Teeth

In order to have a healthy mouth you got to take care of your teeth and mouth, healthy teeth can save you from a lot of PAIN. It is very crucial to establish oral health in the early age, and maintain in it as the time pass and you get older. It is actually not tough to build healthy oral habit; all you have to do is practice good oral hygiene, eating healthy food. There is one more important thing not to avoid is keeping in touch with a good dentist and have regular checkups.


See the complete guide for taking good care of your teeth and mouth.

Brush twice a day

Don’t rush when you are brushing your teeth, you must brush your teeth for a least 2-3 minutes so you can thoroughly clean your teeth. Brush in the morning, and in the evening and whenever you eat something sweet, sticky or greasy, well for the best you shouldn’t eat any of these to avoid cavity and Calories. Use a soft bristle tooth brush for good cleaning and regularly clean your teeth so you can have bright, fresh and cavity-free teeth.

Use a tooth paste with fluoride

Fluoride is great for protecting the enamel and reducing the chances of cavities; it kills the bacteria and guarantees the oral health. Make sure that your toothpaste contains a good amount of fluoride and other natural ingredients like clove and salt that are also helpful in keeping teeth strong and healthy.

Use mouthwash

Brushing teeth is compulsory, but it doesn’t reach every nook and cranny in your mouth, to clean your teeth and mouth completely you should use a good mouth wash containing fluoride like elements after brushing and flossing so it can reach to the enamel of all your teeth. You can try a simple remedy as well, just add half tea spoon of salt in warm water, stir and use as mouthwash liquid. Never let it go down in your stomach it can cause trouble.


Neither tooth brush nor mouthwash reaches the in-between surface of the teeth, you got to floss for cleaning those areas in case you don’t do flossing, all the small food particles, plaque and bacteria will continue building up there and consequently your teeth will get affected.

Don’t eat too much sweet

The sugary food like cakes, chocolates, brownies, candies, soda and processed juices, sweetened coffee/tea etc are truly harmful for your teeth, Sugar erodes the enamel of the teeth as when if break down in your mouth it make acid which destroys the enamel and as a result you will get cavities and tooth decay.

Don’t smoke

You should quit smoking so more than only this reason, as it is fatal for human health. Smoking leaves teeth yellow stained make breaths bad and increase the chances of mouth cancers.

Eat uncooked veggies and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are good for your heath, eating raw vegetables and fruits can help in scrapping your teeth clean, eat them as snakes or after a meal. You can eat carrots, cucumber, lettuce, Apples, broccoli and many more.

Have appointment with dentist

There is not everything about teeth you can do yourself about your teeth, for maintain good oral health have regular checkups and any necessary treatment regularly.


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