Take Extremely Good Care Of Your Parents

Parents are the great blessing of Allah they love us a lot, care for us and pay too much attention to us and try to fulfill all of our needs. When they grew old, they need extra care and attention of their children.

In some countries, parents are moved to old homes because their children have not time to spend with parents, they treat with their parents horrifyingly and in order to get rid of their old parents they move them to old homes.

This is very terrific because it’s time to pay back all of their love and care to them which they gave their children when they small. Never show your anger to them and never shout at them and try to treat your parents the way you want your children treat you.

In the old age, parents become weak and are not able to walk fast, drive, climbing stairs, and if they are sick they need extra care, some cannot change their clothes, eat food for them and even cannot go to washroom so try to treat your parents as they deserve.

Take care of their basic needs and spend some time during the day with them, take care about their meals, medicines and clothes etc. always talk to your parents with gently and love, your little effort and little care will make your parents feel happier.

Find out your parents needs and wishes and try to fulfill them at any cost and to make them happy do some simple things as prepare their favorite food, give them gift etc. in order to show your love for them help them en all the ways you can such as you can help them in taking shower, changing clothes, comb their hair, climbing stairs etc.

Incorporate your parent’s belongings, make a companion list of your parents needs and try to provide them immediately.

If you want to make your parents happy with you then one of the best ways is listening them because during this phase of life and old age, a human being whether it is a male or female likes to tell or share its pleasant memories with others.

Always do focus on their advices and try to follow these because your parents advise us for our goodness.
Specify an hour or some time of the day to spend with parents, talk to them, discuss your problems and what you did during the whole day.

Play with them some indoor games as cards, ludo game and there are so many indoor activities that you can do with your parents to make them happy and by doing all of the above things you will also feel inner happiness and calm.

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