Some Tips for Keeping Yourself Save From Changing Whether

Weather never remain same it is changing day after day because if the weather remain same we become fed up  with the dull routine of life because we can’t bear too much hotness and too much cold  therefore God has made  4 season for us all the seasons have their qualities  and some harms which  can effect ted on our health  and mind. When weather is change we have to face many changes in our body and the nature because in the summer we feel bad sweaty and preparation everywhere and in the winter we can carry any dress and any dressing according to our personalities .

the season of the summer and winter both are good for our health the fruits and vegetables of both season are good and useful for our health the side effects of the season is also on our skin because  in the summer some people’s skin become  glowing and fresh and in winter their skin is  so rough and the  full of scars. Here I have some ideas to save you from the weather changing whether it is summer or it is winter. Stay with us and see and become a healthy active person in all the seasons.

•    First of all keep yourself fresh means leave all the stress from your mind because due to stress your mind remain  tired and you feel yourself tired and  fatigue in physically you are  awaking but mentally you are sleeping .

•    Take proper diet and the use the raw vegetable too much because raw vegetables are good for your health and the seasonal fruits can increase your immunity and the glow on your face you feel healthy and active with the fruits and vegetable salad. In the summer the use of fresh juices is   must if you want to save yourself from the weather phenomenon.

•    In the winter season eat the  oranges   because oranges are the  best source of vitamin C and  vitamin c is  good for the fresh and  glowing skin  oranges, carrots  and the  pears good for winter season and in the summer season you can eat the cucumber ,mango and the plum  as a healthy  diet .

•    In the winter mostly people drink very  less water than the  summer  due to  the less water in your body you are indulge in the acne pimples  and the  dryness in your hair in the winter drink water  in plenty because  in the winter on your body too much dryness  and the rashes on the skin . Whenever in the summer itching and the prickly heat is on your body that is too much scratching.

•    In the winter you have to need the b sunlight  because in the summer we  can’t sit in the  scorching sunlight  whenever the  light sunlight  is compulsory for the  bones because sun is the big source of providing  vitamin d  and don’t do your face toward the sun because UV rays of sun is  harmful for our skin.

•    Don’t skip the yoga and exercises because it is good for your health and in the winter exercise in the morning because in the park when you walk on the grass with bare foot it gives you full relaxation.

•    The use of peanut and walnut in the winter season is good for your health but if you have  too much weight then don’t  use too much  dry fruits because in the fruits too much protein is added.

•    Proper sleep is much important for good health because due to the disturbance of sleep we have to face too much diseases like headache, blood pressure, stress, trauma and the dark circles under your eyes are also  due to the restless sleep.

•    Don’t use too much tea and the caffeine because it can cause the stomach problem and the other problems of  liver  and too much use of alcohol and  caffeine is affected on the  backbone and the  kidney but in the winter and summer use the green tea without sugar is best to feel active and alive for long time and the use of green tea is better for the skin .

•    Care yourself from the snow  and the rain because due to it  you are indulge In the flu ,fever ,cough and the mussels problems  in the summer don’t go out in the scorching  air  which is very bad and dangerous for your skin and hair  due to it you can indulge in the  high fever and the eyes problem. Cover your body with the sweaters, jacket muffler gloves and all the garments which are used for the  covering your body  and use of sunglasses must in the day time. Don’t use too much pain killers  and the  headache  medicines because it can damage your stomach.

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