Few Tips For You to Take Care of Your Eyes From Computer

The use of technology is  increasing day by day  because the people  are becoming too much busy and the  modern they want  to do their work with the mechanic things .the use of computer, mobile ,laptop  and the TV is  increasing  in  the people because computer  is use in every  office, schools , universities and many other places because on it you can do every work  it is a great invention if we use it in the right way but  the use of everything is excess  and “excess of everything is bad “so you should  don’t cross your limits. Today the children are very crazy for playing games ,home assignment and the computer work is also  included in their work  so you should not allow your kids to use the computer more than one  1 hour .

after the  computer the invention of internet is very big thing  you can search and watch anything on your computer with help of internet .mostly the ladies and the males are working on the computer in many offices  because too much work are becoming   latest which can do on the computer .with the   help of computer you can remain connected with any one whether he or she is  in any country so stay with us  and see the good tips   which can save you from the computer damaging .

•    First of all choose the right place for your work  means where you want to keep your computer that is  a proper place  because if you don’t do the right selection of the  seat then it can effect on your eyes.

•    Keep your chair away from the 26” inches  high from your height from  your  computer  and the distance between you and the computer  is in   16 to 30 inches  for the comfortable use of computer.

•    For the good use of computer blink your eyes  after 10 seconds  because if you stay with put any blink then your eyes become dry and  you have to face the irritation and redness of  your eyes .

•    Use the eyes drops after using the computer  rose water is the best thing for the  eyes it keep your eyes fresh and  wet because if your eyes become too much dry then you can  indulge in the  eyesight weak so blink your eyes too much and use the  drops water drops are also good for you.

•    Use the comfortable chair when you are using PC because you can rotate on the chair when your chair is in the rotating style then it will be adjustable on it sit in an appropriate way always  use the rotating chair.

•    Away your computer from the dust and the finger prints because the dust can be weak our eye sight.

•    If you use the  computer 6 to 8 hours  at per day it  will make you fatigue and tied  and the  green tea will help you  to away your tiredness when you are using computer  the make the   protective glasses  which will help you from the  dangerous rays of the computer .

•    When you are using computer many hours at per day means your work is only based on the computer , typing , composing ,editing and the Microsoft work then  you have need a perfect place and  in this work your eyes are too much effecting .

•    Eat the eyesight increasing foods like the almond, aniseed, sweet potatoes, mangoes, watermelons and the carrots are good for the vitamin A and vitamin A is compulsory for keeping your eyesight good.

•    Drink plenty of water and include the carrot juice, cucumber juice and the milk with the bananas for reduce the  dryness of your eyes.

•    Take break after one hour take your head down  and close your eyes for five minutes to  give your eyes  rest .

•    Keep the font size big means it is not in very short size because it can effects on our eyes  keep the background and the screen should not in very dark light because the dark  light  can damage your eyesight.

•    Avoid working in the dark rooms because it can effected on your eyes sights on the monitor use the anti – glare screen covers on your monitor  use the right angle of the light when you are using computer. these  tips can help you to take care of your eyesight  so follow these tips if you want to save from the  eyesight problem .

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