Tips to Soothe Your Dry Skin

Dry skin may not be a huge problem as it is better than the oily skin that frequently causes acne and skin disorders, but dry skin is actually a big problem, it cracks, get patches and itching easily, more than anything It’s a never a pretty sight to see dry skin. If you have a dry skin type you need to give some extra pamper to your skin, you skin requires some more care, now if it’s naturally dry you can easily soothe it with just simple precautions and measures.


See the following bang on tips for better skin.

Watch the bath/shower time

Most of the people love to take long showers and baths, especially women and it’s justified, I mean we all want to enjoy the most relaxing time of the day. Here comes a ‘BUT’, but our body losses its precious natural body oil after staying shower for long time. Water takes all the natural oils and leaves skin dry and rough. So, you have to cut your shower time to 5-10 minutes.

What beauty products are you using?

This is very important to watch what kind of beauty products you are using when it comes to dry skin type, even if you have Normal skin you can’t use all kind of beauty products. For a gentle and soft skin you should use a non-scented shower gel, a natural rich cleanser and moisturizer. You skin need nourishment and more moisture when it’s dry.

Keep the skin Moist

You have no choice than keeping your skin moist, as it can easily get worse after being wet especially. Use a good moisturizer after taking shower.

Hide from the SUN

Sun exposure can badly affect the dry skin by making it more dry, dry skin will more likely to get the sun burns and wrinkles. Keep yourself shaded when you are outside and use sunscreen for protection from Ultra violet rays.

Lip Care

When you have dry skin your lips get affected and become too dry, don’t ignore the Lips and use a good quality lip balm regularly.

Some Extra care of hands

Hands are the most noticeable part of the body and get more rapidly dried than other body because of more interaction with water, take good care of your hands, if you do dishes and laundry, use waterproof gloves.

Look at the atmosphere

In winters and cold weather when people can’t stand the cold they keep their homes dry and as warm as they possibly can. In the absence of moist in the air, this all can make your skin very much dry. Try to keep yourself warm without having to play with temperature, wear warm clothes.

Keep hold of the Moisturizer

For other skin types moisturizing isn’t that necessary but for dry skin Moisturizer is the “life-line.” You can keep the moisturizer in your bag so whenever you wash your hands you can re-gain the moist with it.


There are some products that are truly harmful for skin, stop using the following kind of beauty products,

Products that containing Alcohol

Soap deodorant

Fragranced and Retinoid products

Golden tip: Get engaged with Colorful Fruit & Vegetables and drink more of water.

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