Top 5 Benefits of Carrots Juice


Carrots are probably the best root vegetable that is great for human health, 100 grams of it contains only 41 calories, 69 mg of sodium, 320 mg potassium, 2.8 grams of fiber and 334% of Vitamin A. It was mainly grown for medication for a several diseases.

We can’t deny any of the health benefits of carrot, here are Top five benefits of carrot juice, take a look.

Carrot for Brain health

Carrot juice is very beneficial for our brain’s health; it helps to prevent “Alzheimer’s disease”. Daily intake of carrot juice makes the memory better and defends against many other “Cognitive declines”. Carrot juice has the ability to lower the oxidative stress in the brain that can make the nerve signaling capacity very weak, there for carrot is no less than a heavenly medicine with sweet taste.

Carrot for heart

Deep colored vegetables like Carrot have amazing benefits for heart and blood; it decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Research shows that, “Drinking carrot juice benefits heart by lowering oxidative stress and make the body’s defense against different forms of cardiovascular diseases very strong. All this miraculous benefits are because of high antioxidant elements that carrot carries.
Carrot also controls the cholesterol. You can lose weight by including carrot in your diet. It is easily digestible, in fact it helps digestive system to absorb nutrition from food and protects heart by controlling cholesterol.

Carrot for skin

Amongst the biggest skin disorders one is the “Dry and damage Skin”, which results in case of Vitamin A’s deficiencies in human body. Such deficiencies not only affect the skin but hair and nails too. To have a mild and clearer skin drink carrot juice to produce Vitamin A.
Carrot juice also helps is healing and increasing the body’s immunity to heal wounds. Since centuries carrots have been used as “Poultice” to help heal wounds and injuries due to its quality of containing high amount of ‘Beta Carotene’.
It makes the healing process faster and fight infection and sign of skin inflammation.

Carrot for eyes health

Nutrients like, Carotene, Lutien and zeaxanthin that carrot contains are very useful to boost eye heath. Without vitamin A, a lot of eye disorders can arise inclusive of blindness. Lutein and zeaxanthin, reduce the risk of age related vision loss as well.
Just a cup of carrot juice carries about 400% of vitamin A.

Caution: The deficiency of Vitamin A can causes night blindness and permanent blindness.

Cancer Warrior

Consuming fruits and vegetables that contain high amount of carotenoids can be protective with regard to cancer recurrence. Studies depict that, “these antioxidants are carrots are able to fight against leukemia cells and play an important role in cutting off the danger of many types of cancers like breast cancer and ovarian.

In a study that observed the women with history of breast cancer, consuming 8ounces of carrot juice for 3 weeks. The results of the study revealed that daily consumption of carrot juice gave advantage of defense against Cancer.

Fact about Carrot: Carrots can be traced back about 5,000 years through historical documents and paintings.


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