Top 5 Home Remedies to Take Care of Your Hand

5 easy ways to make your hand soft and gentle

Hands are considered as sensitive portion of body and it is probably seems that it is quite sensitive as compared with rest of body excluding face. Hands perform multiple functions for us and without hand we can’t be able to do anything. Beautification of hands are of immense importance an personality with only fair and fresh facial skin but dull and not so appealing hands will be dominated as not to attractive in front of people as well.

as hands are sensitive, they can be much effected with utilization of excess soap, direct exposure to water and sun as well. Skin of hand can be effected soon both in positive and negative manner as well. if skin become damage in small time than it can also be healed soon.

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of remarkable and well effective tips and ideas for our viewers who are searching for ease and less time consuming tips for hand care. Winter bring dryness and it soaks out moisture from our skin and thus for that we have to do extreme care for us especially for that part of body which are sensitive enough for us. Just take a look at our drafted post for further information.

Rose water and glycerin:


Apply mixture of rose water and glycerin before going to bed and leave it over night. Rinse well with warm water at morning.

Carbolic acid and petroleum jelly:

winter girl

Apply mixture of carbolic acid and petroleum jelly and leave it overnight. At morning rinse it off with warm water. You can also apply this mixture after taking bath or washing your hands.

Honey glycerin and egg white:


Make a paste of honey, glycerin and egg white. Apply this mixture for few minutes, rinse it off. It’s a fast and less time consuming home remedy.

Moisturize your hands and wear gloves:


Use a good moisturizer on your hands and make sure to wear gloves. It will also keep your hand warm, soft and comfy.

Lemon juice, egg yolk and rose water:


Make a paste of lemon juice, egg yolk and rose water, gently massage it on your hands and after few minutes, rinse it off.

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