How to Stop Hunger Pains without Eating:

Whenever your body needs Intellectual nourishment your body starts growling or start warning you for food with hunger pangs. This will makes you feel down and steady. If you are on diet, then surely you are not going to feed yourself up! So I am here to make you sure with some of my tips to stop feeling hungry without eating.


Motivate yourself:

First of all you just need to do is motivating yourself to be on your diet plan, even though you are suffering with a bad hunger pangs. Keep yourself calm and think of getting a good figure by following your diet plans.                 “The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” By William James                               So don’t let yourself down due to hunger pangs, just stay calm and achieve your goals.


Drinking water when you feel growling can makes you feel better, it didn’t just allow you to stop growling, but it even help you to glow up your face skin as well as your body’s strength. Have just a glass of water to stop you feel hunger, if it didn’t work out, make it two. This will make you feel better than before. Because water will make your skin healthier, and it also flushes toxins and keeps you hydrated well.

Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues”.

Said by Kevin R. Stone


Bubble gum:

Chewing a bubble gum releases the digestive acids into the stomach. It will provide you some flavor to your taste bits, which makes you feel relaxed. It will suddenly make you stop to feel hunger. Chewing a gum provide sensation to your brain to get relax of giving warning. Gum should be sugar free, which should be used to provide associated calories to your body.


Green tea:

Just think and plan for an indoor picnic by having green tea. You just need to have it when you feel a pang of hunger. This will makes you feel better. So have a cup of the tea.

Psyllium seed husks:

You need to have it with the glass of water. It is a fiber made of Plant ago ovata plant. It provides fiber to the body, whenever you are suffering with the hunger pangs, as it is commonly named as laxative. According to research it is too good for a human health.


Go to sleep:

Go for a sleep if it’s not getting better by having all of the above stuff. If you going to stick with your words of dieting and you are still ignoring to be feed well then you need to have a well sleep. It will resist you to sleep well but go on for this tip to avoid your hunger pangs.



Start exercise it makes you feel relax and better. Start running, swimming, cycling or a walk. It helps to regulate appetite, which result in to make you feel better.

Brush up your teeth:

Toothpaste is able to provide you intense flavors, which can help you cutting cravings immediately. So brush up your teeth to make you feel better. Because many of the food don’t seems tasty. So it can help you to stop feeling hungry.



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