The Ways To Get Rid of Dark Circles for Good

Dark shadows under the eyes are usually referred to dark circles and these can spoil the beauty of any person no matter how pretty he or she is. Especially ladies are found more conscious for dark circles because if you are in a marriage ceremony with expensive make up and get up, your dark circle can spoil all your grace making you look tired and unhealthy. A lot of remedies can be done to remove dark circles for good. Some of the natural remedies are given below which are very easy to follow at home and you do not need to go salon for treatment but can rid of dark circles on your own;



Using cucumber is the best remedy to get rid of dark circles. Not only if you have dark circles then you can use cucumber but for the relaxation of eyes go for it. The proper way of using cucumber is to cut them into slices and put them in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Now you can place them on your eyes and have a soothing effect on them. It will relax your eyes and by doing this treatment twice in a week you can see the result.

Another way is to extract the juice of cucumber and mix it well with lemon juice. Take equal quantity of the juices and with the help of cotton ball apply them on the dark circles. Leave it for 15 minutes and repeat this process for one week only to see a visible result.



You can use potato to remove the puffiness around the eyes as potato has the natural bleaching agent. Put some potatoes in refrigerator for 10 minutes and then grate them. Extract the juice of these potatoes and soak cotton balls in the juice. Now put those soaked cotton balls on the eyes making sure that those have covered the entire area of dark circles below the eyes. After leaving for 10 minutes wash it off with cold water. Another way of using potatoes is to take the slices of potatoes and chill them in refrigerator. Now put them on eyes for half an hour and within a few days by following this process you will be able to see the result.

Rose water;

Rose water is very fabulous skin tone and can be used to rejuvenate the skin. It has mild astringent properties and it gives a pleasing effect to eyes. You can use it in a way by soaking cotton pads in rose water and then place them on eyes. Leave them for 15 minutes and do this process twice a day and in a few weeks you can get rid of dark circles.


Make a mixture of one teaspoon tomato juice and half teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on dark circle and after about 10 minutes rinse it off with water. If you just use tomato juice instead of the mixture of tomato and lemon juice then that will also work for you. Another way is to make a drink of tomato juice, mint leaves, lemon juice and salt. Take this drink twice a day for a week.

Green tea bags;

An immediate way of getting rid of dark circles is the use of tea bags. Take green tea bags and boil them in half cup of water for 10 minutes. Then put them into the refrigerator and then place them on eyes for about 15 minutes.

Almond oil;

Massage the dark circle area of eyes with the help of almond oil daily before going to bed and leave that for the whole night. In the morning wash it with lukewarm water and within a few days you will be able to see the result. Another way is to mix a few drops nearly about four to five with one tablespoon of raw honey. Apply that on the dark circle at night and wash it in the morning. You can repeat the result until you see a significant result.

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