We Should Talk About Healthy Food in Pregnancy

Healthy food in Pregnancy

A healthy life requires few things as Healthy diet and proper exercise, living active and healthful life is the most important thing for all of us, but it become more important when you are carrying a new life in your womb, you need to take extra care of your diet when you are expecting or planning pregnancy. There should be only healthy diet in your food plans. Let’s see what the options available when it comes to healthy diet.

You should opt for a balanced diet with all kind of good nutrients and minerals eat

– Fruits

– veggies

– meat and sea foods

– bread and cereals

– Dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese.

Fruits and vegetables

fruits and vegetables are rich in portions, minerals and fiber which are the basic needs of our body’s health. It helps in digestion and gives freshness to the skin; in your pregnancy you can’t ignore any aspect of your health, try to eat a lot of fresh and colorful vegetables and fruits like Apples, bananas, avocado, blue berries, cranberries and all green vegetables because they fulfill the needs of Folic acid as well as Vitamin B.



the dairy products like, cheese, milk, butter and yogurt are the greatest source of calcium, which is very important for the stronger bones of both the mother and the baby to be born. It’s also important for you that you don’t gain a lot of weight during pregnancy so choose sugar free and less calorie dairy foods like skim milk, low fat yogurt and half fat cheese.


Protein and Iron

Meat (no liver), beef, sea food (not every sea food is healthy), eggs, beans, nuts and pulses are the big sources of protein and iron, you need to consume food with these nutrients before and during pregnancy as it is very important for you and your child as well. The need of protein and iron is 27 milligrams which is double to the need of women who isn’t expecting. Choose your food carefully; cook the meat and poultry products with a small amount of seed oils. Make sure to eat fish twice a week.



This is also another important nutrient your body require a lot when you are pregnant, starchy food like, bread, potatoes, cereals, rice, noodles, pasta, maize, oats, corn, yams, are the great source of fiber and carbohydrates. These foods must be the main part of your food during pregnancy.


Eat only healthy snacks

In time of pregnancy it become hard to control emotions and hunger as well, there is need to control over unhealthy, high in fat snacks and junk snacks, if you get hungry at times, do eat healthy things like:

– breakfast cereals (unsweetened)

– fresh fruits

– vegetable soup

– chicken soup

– baked beans with toast

– baked potatoes

– fruit juices (sugar free)

– dry fruits

– yogurt smoothies

– bread with baked egg

– sandwiches filled with chicken or Tuna, sardines or salmon add cheese and green salad.


Apply one rule to yourself, Eat only until you are hungry; stop eating when you feel you are full.

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