Which Type of Bra is Best for Your Breast?

You may have spent hours in selecting what you are going to wear but it will be a waste if you are not wearing a nice bra. It’s same like you choose best clothes that suit you and make you look perfect, a suitable bra can makes you look perfect and an ill-suited bra can ruin the whole outfit. Therefore know what your breast type is and what type of bra will is suitable for you.


Here are all the breast types and their best fitting bra suggestions that are being recommended by Tomima Edmark _the specialist.

Self contained

These are the fix and enlarged one. These type of breasts are self supported. There are 16% women with this kind of breasts. There is a benefit having this type, you can wear any bra depending on what your outfit is.

Bra Suggestion: you can wear all kind of bra and make yourself look what you want to.


Medically this shape is call “tuber breasts”; about 5% of women have this type of breasts. These are smaller than the average breasts.

Bra suggestion: the need here is too make breasts look less long, Bandeau bras are well fitted for this type of breasts, and it settles the breasts together.



27% of women have this kind of breasts; it is when your breasts are spread out and you have to keep them together in the middle. These are the large breasts.

Bra suggestion: This breast type require support from sides, the best bra would be Demi Bra with full coverage or half cup that’s up to you.


Flat / Slop

This type can be “born this way” or the breast becomes sloppy after breast feeding. 10% of women have this breast type.

Bra Suggestion: This breast type requires both fullness and support. Wear bra with pads and best underwire support image012

Conical Breasts

The breast that are not round but cone shaped are the conical, 7% women have this breast type. These are the women who are C cup or smaller.

Bra suggestion:

Because of the cone shape you need to push in the apex for a round shape, wear padded bra.


This is the breast type that 27% of women have. You know that you have this breast type when you have loss sagging and hanging boobs, your breast need support and a pull up force. It can be the age effect, as when women get old their breasts become loose but can always get in shape.

Bra suggestion:

Multi-part bra with cups with seams in it gives breasts best form and shape.



This is something common, you might not even realize not having balanced breasts, it happens because we use our right hand more often than the left one, which make effect on right breast making it smaller. 40-42% women have uneven breast.

Bra Suggestion: the bra should be perfectly fit to the large breast. You should wear a contour cupped bra, most preferably thin padded bra.


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