Best ways to Improve English Speaking

For speaking English language fluently it is not enough to memorize the limitless list of vocabulary, idioms, phrases, all the grammar rules, and sentence making. But you will have practice it confidently over a time period. You might be very good at talking in your local language but that doesn’t affect the learning process of English speaking, you might just totally fail to express yourself in English at the beginning but when you start learning ‘how to speak English’ you have a lot more chances of improving it.


Read the following article to learn about how you can improve English speaking skills.

Don’t try to speak fast

In early stage of learning English people are usually told to speak without worrying about their mistakes that is said because it increases the fluency not to encourage your speed of speaking English. A learner should speak slowly and clearly, take time to think what you are going to say next the pauses shouldn’t be long enough to irritate the audience but no one will curse you for speaking slowly, even the great leader speaks slowly to convey their message clearly. Speaking slowly will help you improving your English speech in a small period of time.

Add new words leant to your speech

When you learn a new word of English language instead of memorizing the word try to learn and practice it by adding it into 5 sentences. That mean you will make 5 or more sentences using that word. This method is helpful in learning new words and use of those words in sentences that you use in your speech.

For example if you have learned “tragedy” meaning “an event causing great suffering” you can use this is word in sentences like:

  • That film based on a tragedy.
  • She is totally a tragedy Queen.
  • Who know what tragedy they are facing right now?

To speak English you must learn LISTENING first

In the time when you are speaking in English with someone your focus is usually on what you are going to say next rather than listening to what other person is saying. This is the most common reason of English speaking failure, because when your minds astray in thoughts about what will you say, you miss the whole context of the talk and fail to respond. Moreover, there is more than one reason for learning listening. It improves your own learning skills when you listen to others. You get to know your mistakes and that make chances of improvement.

Practice Speaking

Nothing will make you great at speaking English other than PRACTACING. Grab all the chances you see to speak up, speak English in front of mirror it will help in two ways, one is you will improve your postures and 2nd is that you will be more confident to speak later.

Record and learn

Use your phone for a better purpose. Recode your English speech and listen to then, improve your mistakes.

Read loudly

Reading loudly also helps in improving English, when you read loudly you listen to your words you get to know how you pronounce words.



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