Body Parts Donation After Death


Body part donation is where a person donates his body part for transplant. The organs which may be denoted for transplantation after death include heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas and small bowel. Some tissues can also be donated such as eyes, bones, skins, veins, heart valves and tendons.

Both types of organs can be donated either living or deceased. The organs are given to those who have got their body part damaged and is needed to replaced. It may save a life of somebody and improve their quality of life by making health improvements.

Thousands of organs are transplanted around the world in the span of a year. But there are always more people waiting for the suitable donors. There is an increased number of people who are waiting for their transplants.

If you want to donate a body organ, you don’t need to be of a specific age for joining the list of the donors. Health specialists decide which organs or tissues of yours are suitable to donate based on a number of factors including your medical history. Tissues can be transplanted from people even of the age of more than 8 years while for donating an organ you must be below 80.

Most people need for the donation of a heart, kidney, lung or liver. A single donor even can help several people by donating number of organs.

When the availability of an organ becomes possible then it is examined medically to check either it is healthy. Blood tissues of both, the donor and the recipient are also checked to make sure that they are suitable for the donation. When there becomes a good match then it become possible to get a successful outcome. Close match is mostly possible among the people from same ethnic groups. People who are with rare tissue types may be able to accept the organ only from the person of same ethnic region. It is needed that people from all the ethnic backgrounds should get them registered for organ donation.

Ways of donating the organs

There are three ways of organ donation which are known as

  1. Living organ donation
  2. Donation after circulatory death
  3. Donation after brain stem death

Living organ donation

Living organ donations usually take place when one family member donates an organ to another member of his family which is related by blood such as your mother, father, brother, sister or child etc.

In living organ donation, kidneys are donated because a person can lead a normal life with one healthy kidney. It is also possible to be an altruistic donor-one who is not the relative of the recipient but donates out of generosity.

Donation after circulatory death

Donation after circulatory death means the patient who dies in the hospital but is not on ventilator, they may donate their kidneys in some cases, other organs too. Such donors are known as donors after circulatory death. In this situation, organ is removed within a few minutes of heart death so as it may not become damaged due to lack of oxygen.

Donation after brain stem death

Mostly the people who die due to brain diseases such as brain hemorrhage, stroke, head injury or other donate their organs. These donors are known as donors after brain stems death. They are diagnosed to be dead by brain stem tests which are always carried out by two experienced doctors. There are very strict standards for conducting these tests.

The person is kept on ventilator in order to get provided with oxygen and keeping his heart beating and blood circulating after his/her death. In such type, heart, lungs and livers can be donated.

Donors after circulatory death and donors after brain stems death can donate their corneas and other tissues also.

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