Consequences of Forcing Subjects on Your Child


The career counselors, teachers and the researchers all are of the point of view that it should only be the ‘Student’ himself who should decide his career or field of education. The school gives the choice to the students there are students who end up with marking a subject they have no interest in and the reason usually are the Parents who want them to study a subject of their choice and force that career to their children, they have their reason, though not valid but emotional.

From several studies it is been revealed that there are 3 kind of parents when it comes to selection of career for the children.

  1. Positively Involved parents: they support their parents and encourage them to explore their good gifted skills, and support their children in whatever choice they make. The children with such parents are the one who eventually gain success.
  2. Partially Involved parents: These kinds of parents usually don’t bother to interfere in their children’s business and they don’t how they can help their children.
  3. Negatively involved parents: the difficult situation occurs for children who have this kind of parents, they force their own field or field they wish their child would go in, and force them for good grades and scores and that is totally absurd and have severe consequences on future and education life on the child.

To understand and to STOP hunting the dreams of children we all need to learn the following consequences:

Constant Anxiety and Depression

The negatively involved parents give hard time to their children, they, in first place choose the wrong path for them and then keep on pushing them to move fast in the race they never wanted to participate in. All that pressure and feeling of resentment and sense of being out of the track make them depress and cause severe anxiety. They feel empty, hopeless, constantly worried, worthless, and irritable. Don’t take interest in any healthy activity either. They loss appetite and some people start over eating. They feel problems in concentrating and making decisions as well.

Low self-confidence

A child forced to study a subject he/she never wanted to study become less confident than the other students who study subject of their choice and interest, it simply just make them think of themselves less worthy and incapable of doing anything admirable. They lose confidence in their own skills and self traits which lead them to NO WHERE.

Lost Faith

After realizing that their own parents doesn’t understand them and doesn’t want them to do what they actually want to do, it just makes them lose faith on their parents and their love, they feel abandoned and hardly trust anyone including their parents.

Useless struggle

The day and night struggle children make in studying uninterested books, dealing with school work and exams consequently go wasted. Out of 10 such people there are only 2 or 3 people who choose to struggle for their own dreams even if their parents are against. Out of the remaining 7-8 people, there is chance that 1 person will create a new way towards his/her dreams but through the way others want. And the remaining makes a total useless struggle in school and in throughout their lives.

Waste of abilities

By forcing your own choices and decisions on your children you are wasting the abilities of your children that God has awarded him with because when he isn’t using his abilities and skills it will just end up in wastage of them and this is really a sorrowful thing to happen to any child.


Forced education makes the children confused about their future and the result never improves.

Aggression and Rebelliousness

Some children are observed to become aggressively violent and it seems to be difficult to fix them in normal life, some of them become completely rebel and do all possible things to go against their parents.


The force study can never take a student to be a successful person, some of them just take a turn to other direction, and others just become burden on society.


There have been many cases where children killed themselves when they faced too much pressure and oppression and couldn’t endure it. This is a serious issue that every parent should be aware of in order to save their child’s future and present as well.

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