Debate on Negative and Positive Aspects of Co-education


Co-education refers to participation of boys and girls together in the learning process under the same roof and in same environment which means providing the same education to both sexes without any discrimination. The system brings both genders together.

Co-education has been a controversial issue in so many parts of the world, specially, in some Asian countries, where prejudice and superstitions were prevailed against the education of both sexes together.

As both the genders have to live together in the same society for good then why is it considered unsound to get them educated in the same place?

Here in this article is a short debate on “Negative and Positive aspects of Co-education.”

Positive Aspect

Overcome the Hesitation

Studying together brings them closer and a sense of hesitation and shyness eradicates among the boys and girls and they become groomed and able to understand the other gender in their later lives.

Healthy Competition

A healthy competition takes place when both genders get education in same environment. Studying under same roof creates a wish to excel and so an atmosphere of healthy competition comes into existence.

Establishes Understanding

When boys and girls get education at the same place, mutual understanding and harmony is created among them. They become able to understand each other in a good manner.

Social Equality among both genders

Getting boys and girls educated in same institutions and classrooms make them feel more confident by giving them education without any discrimination. It creates a sense of social equality among boys and girls and eventually an atmosphere is shaped where they both have respect for each other rather than the boys tease the girls and then girls feel insecure in their presence.

Foundation for Practical life

If got education in co-education system, boys and girls don’t hesitate from each other. They understand each other and consider themselves equal to the other one. They don’t find any difficulty while proceeding in their practical life. If the hesitation and shyness is not eradicated among males and females they may remain unable to perform their job tasks properly without communicating appropriately because communication is the lifeblood of any organization.

Better communication and Interaction

Studying in co-education system, boys and girls learn how to communicate and interact with each other in a proper way. In case if they have been studying separately throughout their academic life, they are not able to interact the way they should.

Controlled Environment

Educational institutions, where co-education is introduced, possess more controlled environment as the administration take special care of the activities taking place in the institute.

Negative Aspects

Temptation towards opposite gender:

If we see another perspective of co-education, we find some limitations of it. One of those limitations is temptation. It is natural that one opposite attracts the other one. So up to some extent it is considered as a negative aspect of co-education.

Distraction due to Attraction:

This is another negative aspect of the co-education. Attraction which is produced for the other gender distracts.

Low Concentration:

In co-education system, obviously all are not alike, but those who get attracted towards the opposite gender they lose their concentration on their studies and which ultimately cause failure or less passing ration.

Effect on Learning Effort:

As the concentration is lost and the person has distracted from its aim to join the institution, learning goes down. And so the actual purpose dies.

Unethical Activities:

Students usually get into unethical activities and sometimes in crimes. These unethical activities may include affairs, flirts, physical relationships and other serious crimes such as sexual harassment, rape etc which might destroy the lives.

The negativity of anything cannot be neglected and as you have read above that the negative aspect of co-education is darker. In this regard the thought is often favored that the co-education should be supported on high level and must be avoided at primary and elementary levels, as the students are mature on this level as compared to when they are studying in junior classes so the risk of negativity may be minimized.



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