Different Ways of Communication Without Talking

in our daily life we speak to communicate we express our feelings and convey our messages to others with words, but there are ways where we speak without saying anything, i.e., arms folded against chest, nod of head, a finger raised pointing at you etc clearly convey a message to you.


This shows that we mostly talk without words.

Communication without using words might be tricky sometimes; it’s not always obvious what you are trying to say with your actions of what your appearance is expressing about you. Your inner thoughts and your body language may conflict on occasions, so it’s very worthy being careful about non verbal communication as it can convey message we don’t even mean and may be misunderstood.
Though it’s artful how to communicate without using words, non verbal cues are as important as the words we say and sometimes even more important than that.

There are so many ways when we communicate without talking.

Body movement aka Gestures

the movement we made with our body especially with head and hands conveys our message to the people. Nodding your head vertically says that you agree on something that is being said, nodding it horizontally express a “No”. Shrugging your both shoulders shows lack of concern or that you don’t know about what is inquired, Bowing your head or upper body is showing respects to elders in many cultures, waving your hand to someone says hi! Or good bye!
There are many other body movements we make knowingly and sometimes unintentionally.


postures are the positions you are sitting or standing in. Our postures say a lot about our mood and personality. It express our attention and also intentions, a person sitting with loose body looks like sick or too lazy where one pal sitting alertly shows that he is active and energetic. The right posture is sitting or standing with erect back.

Facial expressions

our face says a lot, when we are talking to someone we might be able to control over what to and what not but we often fail to control our facial expressions, when being annoyed or we don’t like what the other person is saying. We frown eyebrows, wink, blink eyes, we smile to show affection and courtesy, glaring at someone conveys a message; precisely our expressions are a very strong way in which we communicate.

Eye Contact

Making an eye contact or not varies from person to person, but people who make eye contact seems more confident and trustworthy than people who don’t make any contact while they talk to you, it look like if they are hiding something or are scared and the person talking to them feel if they are not interested in talking or they are not serious about the issue being discussed. Both in your casual life and in professional life it is recommended that you must always make eye contact when talking to someone.


Paralanguage not only include your tone, intonation and pitch of voice but also include the hesitation noises you sometimes make while speaking. Since it says a lot about your self confidence and preparation of the meeting, you better control the tone and intonations you make in your speech, put all the blabbering a side and talk clearly.


the proximity clearly shows our relationship with the person we are talking, a person we are talking with from a distance is a stranger or may be a co-worker, but talking with someone while holding hands or with less distance shows a close relationship with the person. Being close or far, also express meanings. Keeping distance from a particular person might show you don’t like him/her.


again this is a way we communicate with others without saying anything, a gentle tap on the shoulder is encouraging. Grasping someone’s hand conveys a message. Touching someone’s cheeks with fingers or hands or petting show affection.

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